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Leonardo Capris finds himself suddenly transported to the Sahara, where he met 2 demigods Zoe and Thalia Terra, half-bloods and half-sisters he realizes the secrets hidden in his family. I based the backstory on Rick Riordan's Olympian series since its one of my favourite book series ever
_this is a fan-fiction_Please enjoy! _
_Ps i do not own the names from percy jackson and the olympians_



After treading across the desert for the whole night I found an oasis that is surrounded by a wall of rock. I went inside the oasis hoping to find a single sign of civilization and maybe a ticket out of this crazy desert and back to New Jersey.

I sighed as I came closer.

There was nothing inside at all. I was about to turn back when I heard something that made me feels shivers down my spine.

There was the sharp sound of metal being scraped against rock.

Somebody was here, that someone, maybe  armed and possibly he also might is dangerous

I moved in slowly towards the inner area of the oasis, working my way through the fronds of the different palm trees. I felt fear overcome me for the first time.

Then I saw the glowing remains of a campfire.




The embers of the nights campfire glowed slightly as a small breeze blew across the oasis. A dark figure sat on the ground and rested his back against a fallen palm tree. He was the source of the scraping sound.

Soon I realized I made a mistake about him.

He was a she.

The figure was not a man; it was a girl, who was about the same age as me. I found out when she removed her hood and let her hair fall down. She was sharpening bronze needles, the size of a number two pencil. Each time she scraped the needle across the flint, sparks flew and illuminated her face.

Just by the sight of the needles, I knew if I stayed any longer she might catch me and well, maybe she might even choose to kill me.

I decided it not really a good time for me to die. I mean I’ve still got plans for college, for after graduating and even living with my future family.

I stepped back, avoiding even the slight crunching sound of dried leaves, but obviously, I got clumsy.

I stepped on a twig, the sound of the splintering echoed across the desert.

“Damn it" I muttered to myself, praying that maybe the girl haven't noticed me.

 Then  something in the back of my head clicked, as if my body has noticed something my mind hasn’t. It’s too late when realized my mistake, the scraping sound has stopped and so did the girl.

I ran through the fauna, eager to get away from the oasis. i ran like there was some mad psycho behind me, which probably, the is.

I mean what girl stays outside in the desert alone.

Emphasis on Alone.

 I kept running, never looked back until I arrived at the wall.

It was about two metes high, bits of crumbling rock fell even though I just stared at it. Then I heard the sound of rustling leaves and sound of someone breathing lightly but loudly.

I hesitated, and came up with two possible choices.

It was either to face my unknown enemy, a crazed psycho or an innocent girl, or to climb the wall to and run away in the desert.

I chose the wall.

I know, I know. People say it everytime they see me or when I try to do something.

Its a very very very very very stupid choice


Climbing was always my forte, I always scored second or first place in gym class but his wall was harder to scale than anything I have ever climbed before. The handholds kept falling apart and the wall kept crumbling. Dust always flies into my eyes and into my nose.

It was aggravating.

I was almost at the top. I reached towards the final hand hold and pull myself up.

“Just a few more more inches,” I said to myself, trying to do my best at personal encouragements.

Then I heard a high pitched, bloodcurdling scream.

Someone was in trouble.

Then again, someone is always in trouble, just like me.

I tried to climb down to help but a bronze needle pierced through the cuffs of my right gloves, trapping me against the rocky outcrop. Another needle rushed towards my right side and hit a small black insect, no not an insect. Some thing I learned from Biology 101 at Yancy Academy, this was an arachnid.

A scorpion.

 I sighed with relief. Suddenly I realised I was hanging only by my gloves.

Now physics explains something I hope I never learned, my weight was enough to cause the wall to crumble down. Not long after realizing this, my fear was realized.

Why does this kind of things happen to me?

The wall fell apart, literally, apart and I was under all the rubble.  This is great, just great.

My sight was fuzzy, I could hear the rocks being lifted, then I see a face, someone I wanted to recognize. She spoke softly to me and all I could think about was the face. Maybe, I thought to my self, maybe she was an angel.

Soon I finally  felt dead, maybe, though I hope I was. 

Then images flashed before me and fade.

I was  unconscious.

The End

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