welcome home

Surrounded by reflective green, she sat there smiling. Spring had just begun, and the flowers were in bloom. Each flower was perfection in itself. The garden's beauty was beyond words, one could only stare in awe. Though she sat there, smiling, it was not because of the garden. Truth be told, she could not see the garden. She was blind.
She was happy, simply because she could be. Suddenly, she heared someone approaching. However, she was not afraid. These were gentle footsteps.
"Is that you?" she softly whispered.
The footsteps came closer, and moved to her side. Gently, he placed hands on her shoulders.
"Mother, I am home," he said in a smooth, and almost mournful, voice.
"T-Takuya, you're home!" she exclaimed. Her voice carried relief. Her son was home. He was safe. She placed her own hands on his and soft cried.  She could not be happier. Her son was her world, as a child is for every mother. Ever since he had left, her heart had grown weaker. She did not know if what she would do, if anythign were to happen to him.

"Takuya, have you visited your father?" she asked. "I know you two haven't spoken since you left, but he is quite worried about you."
He slowly leaned in close to her and hugged her, and carefully tightened his emberace as she continued to talk.
"Have you seen olivia yet? She hasn't been the same since you left," she continued to talk. She had so much to say to her son. Without him, life had almost ceased to exist, but now there was finally something for her.
Suddenly, she realised there was another pair of footsteps. However, these were not happy footsteps. They carried sorrow and resentment.
"Hello, who's there?" she asked with concern.
"Hello ma'am," the voiced replied in painful tone. "I am here with news about your son."
In almost a surreal panic, she she rose to her feet. She knew.

"Captain Takuya Aizawa," he paused, "Gave the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty on April 14th."
She crumbled to her knees.
Takuya? she could no longer feel him there.


The End

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