Welcome, Chosen One.

        Darkness… That was the first thing that stuck her.  She strained her eyes, searching, but the blackness still enveloped her in its cold grasp.  She took a deep breath and coughed.  She felt pain in her chest.  “What has happened to me?” she thought.  Her lungs felt dry and stiff.  She took another breath.  She could feel the blood pulsing through her veins—she could hear its steady pulse.  She flicked her eyes around again, searching in the darkness; every breath a conscious action. 

        Then she smelt it.  It started as a faint, musty smell, soft but old.  As she lay there the smell got stronger as her mind began to focus on it.  She gagged as the smell hit her with full force.  She quickly tried to think of something else as she felt bile rising in her throat.  But her mind met a blank wall of nothingness.  Reaching deeper she still met emptiness.  Panicking, she strained with her mind, searching, reaching for anything that might tie herself to.  Yet still nothing.  And then she found it, a small, memory, getting rapidly more vivid. 

She saw white, and flashing white lights.  The ground was shaking, the world was moving past her.  No wait, she was moving; and there were people around her.  Everything was so bright, and so blurry.  She felt a strong hand on her arm and saw people bending over her as she sped along a narrow passage.  Then she was turned and went through a doorway and stopped. 

There were loud voices, and she could hear someone crying. There were still those figures bending over her, moving quickly in their blue suits.  They wore masks and strange white hats.  Over the noise and beeping sounds she heard someone shout, “She’s awake!”  After that the strange people in blue and funny white hats said many things quickly and exchanged odd looking metal objects.  Then one of them leaned over and pushed on her chest. 

Her focus started to blur, and she felt her whole body shake.  The noise and the light became confused and her mind.  She felt her body shake again, and then once more.  Then she felt nothing...

        It was dark again and the memory faded away, but still remained within her grasp.  Her thoughts were confused as she tried to figure out what she had just experienced.  Who were these strange people in blue, and what had they done to her? Why was this the only thing she could remember? She reached out with her arm and it collided with a smooth, hard surface above her head.  She lifted her other arm and carefully felt all around her.  As she reached farther to her left and her right she met two more walls, and followed them until they reached the surface she was lying on. She reached up above her head and again met the same, smooth hard surface.  She felt her pulse rise as she began to panic.  She was in a box, and had no way out and no idea of who she was except a strange dream-like memory.


Let me assure you reader, that if you woke up in this state, you also would panic as she has done.  But do not worry, for if this story had ended here, and she had never gotten out of the box, then no one would be here to tell her tale.  So rest assured that she will indeed escape.  But where were we?


         She pushed upwards on the box with all her strength and felt it groan.  Again she pushed, this time using her legs as well, bracing her against the surface to her back.  This time it budged, creaking slowly upward.  She pushed it aside and heard a loud crash as it fell to the floor beside the box.  The loud noise reverberated in the air, and she lay still waiting for the chorus of echoes to die away. 

        She felt, rather then saw, the almost endless ceiling above her, stretching out seemingly forever in all directions.  She sat up in the box and looked around her.  She could still see only complete darkness, except for a singe, tiny green light in the distance.  Every few seconds it would flash off, and then back on.  Her eyes were locked on it when she rose out of the box and stepped down onto the floor.  It was almost hypnotic, and she continued to stare at it in the distance.  She was so engaged in watching the only piece of light in the darkness around her that she didn’t notice the floor under her starting to become slightly luminescent, or the hooded figure standing a dozen meters away. 

        Suddenly, a bright green light blared down on her from above, blinding her in its harsh rays.  Her head smarted in pain as her eyes, which had so long been adjusted to the darkness, were now faced with the blinding light of the green beam.  It shot down, illuminating her and the ground a few meters around her.  A loud, menacing, yet warm voice boomed around the gigantic room, startling her and adding to her bewilderment.  The voice said:

        "Welcome, Chosen One."

The End

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