Weirdo or freak? HmmmMature

Everyone thinks I'm a weirdo, freak or just plain 'troubled' as I've heard the teachers say when I do something wrong, which is a lot frequent than you think. But they don't know me, my file's wider than 2 inches easily but that's not all, hardly. Alyssa has had a very troubled upbringing,blah blah blah that's what it says at the start of it.

I sneaked into the office once and had a peak. Boring stuff that I already knew about about my self but one thing, right at the end intrigued me. It bugged me from that day forward. Her mum never died but Alyssa thinks that she did.I stood their puzzled at the thought, the thought that my mum could actually be alive.

 But I watched it, dad kill mum, beating her all day but one night something inside her snapped she retaliated. I sat their helplessly and watched my mum die right in front of me........

The End

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