Mayor Michael - A Warm Welcome SpeechMature

A crowd of people were gathered around the miniature castle, which was Mayor Michael and Princess Philippa's house. It was an average sized two story home, which resembled a very small castle. There was even a rumor that they had a dungeon.

Mayor Michael was about to give his speech- a nice big welcome to the residents of Weird Town. He climbed up on to the roof and stood on it as if it were a balcony. He then cleared his throat and began to speak:

"I was once...a spider," he began dramatically, "A spider crippled under the giant foot of society. But finally I have grown wings, after a long time of waiting within my cacoon...and now I've become a butterfly...a free man, with a lovely wife and son, Philippa and Mistake. Together, we founded this lovely town. Take a moment to breathe in the fresh air." He stopped and took a deep breath. "Yes, that is air owned by me...a gift I have bestowed upon all of you, as my citizens. No need to thank me, I prefer to be humble." He waited momentarly for applause, but when none came, he resumed. "Well then, welcome, everybody, welcome! All are welcome to my all have come to me as a dying coachroach on fire would crawl to a water hole...And I am here for be that water hole...for wife, Princess Philippa would agree. WOULDN'T YOU, WIFE?" he called in to the window of his house.

"Sure, whatever, hey is everyone gone yet? I'm bored, come inside and play with me."

Mayor Michael cleared his throat as his face reddened, and he turned back to the crowd. "Anyway, I am glad you all have joined me in this lovely town, and I hope you enjoy your stay. Now move along and get settled in." He then thrusted a couple times in to the air. A few people in the crowd let out small gasps. One person giggled. One person shouted "Giggity!". A mother covered her child's eyes, but the child had already seen and immediately began immitating the motion. The rest of the people just stared on, silently.

"I'm sorry," he appologized, "I have CTD...Cumpulsive Thrusting Disorder. It's useful in certain occasions. Unfortuantely, this is not one of them..."

People in the crowd understood. And some of them, in compassion for poor Mayor Michael, thrusted once or twice to let him know that he wasn't alone...

"Well that is all I had prepared to say. Farewell then..." he bowed, while thrusting a couple more times. It was an interesting sight, to say the least. He then got off the roof, climbing in to the window while shouting, "On my way, Philippa! They're gone!"

The End

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