Chapter 5


The man looked at the gleaming silvery black spaceship that had floated impeccably well into the garden. The ship was stylish, with a slight hint of sinister, but it had a sort of warmth to it.

The man stared in horror as the door to the spaceship opened to reveal a small alien with two triangle shapes protuding from its head. It had green-yellow eyes that circled slit, glaring pupils. Terrifying.

Not really. The man lost all fear when the alien gave a little 'Mwew' as he ran down the glowing walkway. It was just Oscar, his cat.

'Hey, Osky-wosky! How did you get there? S'ok, I'm here now.'

"Osky" took no notice. Instead head tried dragging the young woman's body into the ship.

'Do not call me by such childish nicknames, Kevin.' the feline said.

Kevin did a double take. 'Since when did you talk, baby boy?' He said, still in that silly voice people use to get animals to like them, only to the opposite effect.

'I could always understand your primitive language. Though it is a little harsh on my vocal cords.' Said Oscar.

'Anyway, your captors killed that innocent lady!'

'A, I am the leader of the Cats. B, this human here is merely unconsious.'

'Why are all the catson a spaceship?'

'Well, I will let you in to a secret. The world is going the vanish, as will every life form on it. Except for us. Do not react, it frightens kittens. Because of felines invincible intelligence, we are evacuating, leaving you cruel humans to die. Except this lady. Does she have a name?'

'No, but why are you-'

'Then I shall name her Kitty. Kitty Kat. It's what you call us, so why not? Anyway, you were saying?'

'Why do you want her? She's nothing special.'

'Oh, but she is. She knows how to look after felines. She has a cat, too. Lola, only a kitten still. She doesn't suffocate Lola and give her milk, which in actual facts cats detest.'

'Why do you need a human though.'

Oscar rolled his creepy eyes. 'Kevin, who is going to give us cat food and let us out?'

'Oh.' Kevin decided to to step back and not continue this argument.

'Nice talking to you.' Five cats ran outside and dragged Kitty Kat up by the skirt.

Kevin, speechless, disintergrated along with the rest of the world as the Cat Space flew away.





The End

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