Im very worried....Not

"Uhhhhh.....WHAT!"Shouted Jack. "We give you loads of treats!" Screamed Amy. "Sure....!"Said Weed Calming Down. "GO GO!" Came the cosmo kids alarm. "Where now!" Said Jack turning round. "Get your suits on your of to germany to stop a  war from starting again!" Boomed the alarm. "Geez.....Better get ready..." Said Weed Putting his fish suit on and junping in amys water scooter closing the hatch as he swam inside. "What we gotta stop a war how easy!" Laughed Amy. They put there suits on and grabbed there water scooters. Amy wore a belly top with pink tights and a small denim skirt, her pink hair down with some lighte blue  beeds in it. She wore a Heart shaped See threw Mask over her dark blue eyes. Jack wore his black and white shorts black top and flame patterned jacket. He wore black gloves and a bat shaped see threw mask over his green eyes. His red hair flipping everywhere. But Weeds outfit was wierd.....It had see frew armour over his sea horse body and yellow ribbons on his flakes. "Off we go!" They all shouted as there scooters flew off to germany. The alarm looked at them as they closed the door and beeped: "Im very woried....Not!"

The End

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