champagne kisses!Mature

‘so shall we see if we have any juice in the mini bar? And he winked.

“yea cool’ I said opening the mini bar, ‘ we do, only one bottle, but we do have sum champagne here too’ I grinned back. This could get interesting after all I thought. And to think that I very nearly didn’t come.

‘oohh some bucks fizz it this then; he said jumping off the bed and going into the bathroom, coming back in with two glasses. He puts them down on the desk.

‘all we need is some music’ and he pours the two drinks. He hands me a glass and sits down with me on the bed. Turning over he lies on his stomach, ‘cheers’ I say and we clink glasses, the bubbles going straight to my head.

‘ so are you not enjoying the wedding party your at?’ I ask.

‘ its ok, I suppose’ he sighs. ‘ but are you?’ he asks.

‘ huh,’ and I laugh, ‘ god no, it’s the same thing, just different people asking the same old questions, I find it way to fake’ and I down my drink in one feeling his gaze on me as I turn to lie on my front just like him, our heads inches apart from each other. I suddenly feel so turned on by this guy with the striking blue eyes, and cheeky smile. Who is staring intently into my eyes. Must be the champagne going to my head, mixed with all that drink from earlier toasts.

I look at my hands, trying not to look at him, feeling the bubbles warm me up and reach parts that have been sleeping, dormant for a while and then leans in. for a minute I thought he was going to kiss me, but he reaches out and touches my ring on my finger. Turning it around.

I watch him not saying a word, and all I am conscious of is his breathing.

As it deepens and then he leans in even further, his nose just barely touching mine. He smiles and touches my chin as he kisses me.

Pulling me onto him, his mouth searching mine as his hands work their way through my hair. Deep kisses, his tongue teasing my mouth alive. All thoughts of the wedding leave my head as he pulls me on to him.

The End

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