wedding with a difference.Mature

Weddings eh, such a long drawn out affair, well other peoples are. wouldn’t be so bad if you had all your friends there, then you could really let rip and have a good laugh. But if you really had all your best friends there then it would likely be your wedding you were at, and I don’t think the groom would like it if spent more time partying with your mates than taking any notice of him.

But here I am, my distant cousins wedding. Its like wedding of the year, they pulled out all the stops, for ‘darling little gemma’ and her fancy fiancé, with his flash car and flash job. So big and fancy that I couldn’t bring a friend with me, and so here I am again, at yet another wedding, but on my own.

Single, thirty and feeling like I really am left on the shelf as aunt so and so asks me again were my husband is

‘I’m not married ,yet’ I shout as she is deaf as a post, and everyone turns round to look, what is it with weddings and single girls eh? Could have been worse though, as they wanted me to be a bridesmaid, along with some five year olds from his side of the family. The stigma would have been worse then.

The champagne had been flowing, we had toasted the bride and groom, smiled so many fake smiles for pictures , I needed to escape. So first chance I had, I made a quiet exit.

I headed out of the function room, down the long hall in to the foyer. Bt there stood by the entrance smoking a cigar was another old distant relative who would bombard me with questions I d heard enough of today. So I dived up the stairs leading off to god knows were, just to escape as fast as I could. My feet were killing me, I really needed to take off these shoes and sit down some where. I tried a few doors as I walked down across the landing, but they were locked, I turned the down the corridor, dark and quiet, and through a fire door, you couldn’t hear the noise from downstairs up here. I tried the end door and with a stroke of luck it was open.

Thank god for that I thought as I sat down on the big four poster bad. This wasn’t a bad room, reasonable size and the décor was bad either. I took off my shoes and kicked them off, rubbing my soles. Bloody shoes, cost me a fortune, to die for my friend had said, and literally they were killing my feet slowly. I went into the bathroom to freshen up, running the water, cool to splash on my face and neck, hearing the door open and someone come into the room. I poked my head out through the door, and saw the cutest guy laying down on the bed staring up at the ceiling his arms above his head.

“hey, sorry,; he said turning to look at me, nearly jumping out of his skin,

‘I didn’t realise that this room was taken”

I laughed ‘ hey its ok’ as he probed himself up on his elbows,

‘so your escaping too eh’ he winked.

This guy was gorgeous, he had that whole sexy thing going on in his suit and tie, with a twinkle in his striking blue eyes and cheeky grin. I would have noticed this guy if he was in our wedding. He must have been at the other one that was going on in this busy country hall.

I smiled at him leaning against the door.

‘hi, I’m Jake’ he said holding out his hand to me. ‘pleased to meet you….’ he trailed off as I took his hand.

‘Sophia, but call me Soph, all my friends do’ I said shaking his hand

‘nice to meet you too’ I grinned.

‘ gets too much, don’t it’ he asked ‘ all the smiling, waving, greeting people that you don’t even know’ he patted the bed for me to sit down.

‘yea’ I said feeling complete at ease with this gorgeous stranger.

‘and if I had drank any more, I wouldn’t last the night’ he laughed.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, suddenly not knowing what to say to him.

‘ I never thought that it would be as hectic as this, you know’ he shook his head as I raised my eyebrows at him.

‘ stressful, I think’ I said.

‘ yeah,’ he agreed.

‘think a wedding on a quiet deserted beach would be more my choice’ I said wondering who this guy was.

‘hhmm’ he sighed. ‘ but hey what’s the story with you then?’

‘how come a pretty girl like you is up here and hiding out on your own?’ he added.

‘ twenty questions from old aunt maud, trying to look like it’s the best wedding ever, when the whole time my feet are killing me, and if I had to explain once more that, yes I am single, and no, at my age never been married either’ he laughed at my response,

‘so why are you single then ? He asked.

‘ hell, I don’t know, choice I suppose, just aint met the man of my dreams yet I suppose. I joked.

‘not sure he exists’ we both chimed at the same time, and then laughing together. He was cute. Very cute.

The End

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