Chapter 5

The floor clears of all people except for Rogal and me. I smile and take his hands as the music starts. Our song... He pulls me to his chest and we slowly start dancing to Beyonce's "Halo".

After the first chorus, Madeline and Denick, her husband, join us on the floor. Soon following, Feros and his wife, along with many other couples. By the end of the song everyone was dancing. The next song was faster and more fun. Rogal and I get passed around from embrace to embrace as people finally get the chance to talk to us and give their congratulations. My mother is still crying a little, but has a wide, excited smile, as she holds me tight. 

"My little girl! Married already" I roll my eyes at her statement.

"I'm thinking more like 'About frickin' time'. It's been 890 years since I turned 23 the first time." Mum chuckles.

"I know. But you're still my little girl. The newborn vampire that I cared for until you could control yourself and the one I-" I hug her again

"Yes, Mummy, I know. I love you." She kisses my cheek and hands me off to my new family. Rogal's Mother, Thiya, hugs me, her eyes also filled with tears.

"You'd think I'd be better at this, since it's my third... But it's the same each time. Just as hard to let go." I smile as we look at Rogal's two older siblings. I hug her again and then i walk over to Rogal's oldest sibling, and his only sister, Miran. She holds me tightly.

"I can't believe Rogal actually married a vampire" she giggles and hugs me again. "You happy?" I nod 

"I've never been happier in my whole life. and I'm nearly a century old." I grin and Miran smiles.

"That's how I felt, too, until I had Tara. Then it was a close second." I smile and kiss the top of Tara's sandy blond head. 

"You're lucky. You can actually have kids. I gotta create them. Although, most vampire families, who want to "have" kids, go to an orphanage in their homeland and get a young child from there. Then they turn the child when it is old enough." Miran didn't look hugely enthusiastic about the idea, but she didn't seem to disprove.

"I hope it works out well for you two. I don't think I have ever seen Rogal so happy before." I nod and smile to myself. After one more hug I make the rest of my rounds. Finally I end up at Rogal's father, Nameck. He's the kind of person who is rather hard to please, likes to control the situation and doesn't like free spirited people. Like his daughter.

I smile sweetly at him and he smiles back. I open my arms, offering a hug. His face reflects a slight discomfort but it quickly changes back to a smile as he accepts my hug. It was short, but the gentle squeeze at the end told me that he liked it.

"The wedding ran smoothly." I said, trying to think of things to say to him. "Thankfully. I was worried that it would go all wrong and i wouldn't end up married till next week." I smile and he laughed. 

The awkward small talk lasted for about another five minutes, then we started on an actual conversation.

"So I wonder how long it'll be till I loose Tequl, too."  Nameck sighs, leaning against the table. 

"Well, all parents 'loose' their kids eventually. Mum has already lost both me and my sister. And it isn't actually loosing, it's more of gaining. You've gained a son and two daughters." He shrugs. "We'll visit often, I promise. You'll be the first after our honeymoon." He chuckles and pats my back.

"Okay. Go on. I'm sure there are more interesting people than me you could talk to." He waves as I run and grab Rogal's hand.

The End

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