Chapter 4

Everyone heads over to the reception area. The large room has identical decorations to the wedding, with the exception of the chairs being attached. Each one has the roses and ribbon on the back of it, along with a card that has a person's name on it. 

At the first table, the immediate families of Rogal and myself. This includes parents, siblings, the older siblings spouses, and Irena and Jerick, Rogal and myself.

The Grandparents share a table and the friends share a table. There is also a cousins' table. One table, closest to the main table, has the family friends of our parents. The biggest one is saved for acquaintances, colleagues, and more distant family who we invited but aren't really close to us.

The tables are all on wheels so, once dinner is over, they can be moved off to the side for dancing room.

The food tastes great. Rogal, Mum and my Grami all helped make the "cake" made of brownies with white chocolate "icing" and dark chocolate roses. There is steak and turkey. For the side dishes we have macaroni and cheese, my favorite, and  mashed potatoes. Drinks are all varieties of alcoholic beverages , for the vampires, blood(somewhat hidden so the human guests don't stumble upon it), and, for the kids or designated drivers, all kinds of pop and water.

Yes vamps can eat real food, by the way.

Everyone finishes and the lights dim. A few people volunteer to help move the tables and so the dance floor is now clear.

One chair sits in the middle of the room. I sigh and Irena gives me a shove to it. I sit down reluctantly and Rogal walks in my direction, blushing but smiling. He kneels in front of me, lifting my dress over his head. I feel his warm hands touch my thigh, then pull off the garder. He throws it into the crowd of guys and Tequl catches it.

All the women gather infront of the DJ's stage. Rogal hoists me up and sets me on the stage. I throw my  smaller bouquet and Irena catches it. Little Tara looks at her with envy. Irena picks her up and gives her the small bunch of flowers. The 4 year old's face lights up with excitement and hugs Irena, who laughs and hugs her back.

The End

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