Chapter 2

When you've lived as long as I have, love is hard to hold on to. Especially when all you know are your family and humans. Well, for the most part.. Irena is a witch. Once you find the person you love, pray they are another immortal. Turning humans is a hassle and doesn't always work out well. I'm lucky enough to have found a dragon. I met him when he was still a young on, only 50 years old. We've been best friends until a few years ago when we started dating. Then he proposed. Rogal Zudora is now a 400 year old Golden dragon. Although He has a human form too, obviously.

Nothing makes me happier than being near him. It's a little strange for us to pair up, but we make it work. My mother was disappointed I couldn't find a Vampire but she really likes Rogal so she approves.

"Time to put on your dress and veil. Irena, get the bouquets, please." My mother says, helping get everything organized and on schedule. Irena nods and hurries to the neighboring room. I slip into the dress easily and mum zips up the back while Madeline helps my with my veil. Irena returns with the bouquets, made of yellow and white roses, and hands them out to us. My own bouquet is the size of my head twice. The fragrance floats through my senses like a fish through calm water., it fills me and I smile, calmer now that I'm standing and ready to go.

"Glenna, it's time." My father says as he takes my arm. I close my eyes for a moment to stop myself from crying. My life with the most perfect person is about to start... Just the isle and our vows to go through. Sigh.


The End

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