Wedding Story

A wedding of a Vampire and a Dragon

 My sister, Madeline, brushes my long, silky, white-blonde hair and starts playing with intricate styles. Irena, my best friend, works on my make-up. I sigh with a reluctant expression as she starts my face.

"Oh, come on, Glenna, you need a little make-up. It'll make you look perfect." My mum says.

I roll my eyes and then I look at the mirror to see my gorgeous dress, made of my mother's dress from 797 A.D.. The lacy pattern of flowers over the chest strech down to the thigh area where the skirt flares out. It's strapless, but it has sleeves that hold themselves up just below my shoulders that match the skirt. The veil has a headband that matches the lace of the dress and the extending white netting reaches the floor. 

My heart races, thinking of my soon-to-be husband. Suddenly, my mind goes from exasperation from the make-up, to anxious nerves. I tap my fingers on the arm chair. Maddie takes my hand.

"Sister, please, calm down. You'll be fine." I smile at my dear sister. "And keep your fangs in, you don't want to scare the priest." I laugh and hug her. Madeline has always bee there for me. I guess that's what you get when you're 913 and you're sister is 100 years older.



The End

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