Maxwell awkens later that night at his destination

"I am ready. Wake him."

On command the escort moved to the chair Maxwell was propped in while pouring a small amount of smelling salt on a black cloth. It changed color as the ammonium carbonate and peroxide solution made contact with it. He held it firmly under Maxwell's nostrils for a moment then sharply smacked him and walked back to his position.

"You can leave us."

A voice relayed to the escort who nodded and exited the room. Maxwell stirred, attempting to decipher the figure in front of him. He remembered the Lexus, remembered the driver, remembered the pain in his neck as he was injected. He remembered accepting the injection thinking he should have fought. Everything felt wrong.

"Who are you?" he asked as his eyes, still heavy from the injection, fought to adjust.

"As of now, that is of no concern to you."

The figure stood with his back to Maxwell and his hands clasped behind him. One hand held a large black folder made of heavy paper. He spoke methodically and poised. He turned in the same manner he spoke.

"The question at hand is 'who are you'."

The question seemed rhetorical but their was a silence as if the man was giving Maxwell time to answer. He opened his mouth unsure of what was going to come out but was interrupted as the man continued.

"Maxwell." He allowed the shadow of a grin to flutter across his face and disappear as soon as it came. He continued, "Boring selection. I find your real name to be more intriguing than that choice. As boring as it may be I will indulge you in referring to you as such before you are revealed your new one."

Maxwell leaned forward in his seat. He felt like he should say something. He knew he shouldn't. He instinctually could tell that whatever might fall from his mouth was already anticipated and known by the man standing across from him. His calmness caused a tension that was unbearable to Maxwell. He fussed in his seat.

"So I ask again, uh 'Maxwell', who are you?" His eyes peered into Maxwell's as if he were in tune with him, as if he were a test-sheet with the answers scribbled in next to the questions. Maxwell knew not to speak. He sat paralyzed by his own confusion as the man slowly approached. Thoughts raced quicker in his head with each step. The man extended the folder out to Maxwell. His eyes stayed captured within the man's presence before he snapped the stare and took the folder from his hands.

"You will find your answer in there." The man said pointing to the folder as he turned and walked away,

"Do understand that your ability to embrace what is prescribed in that folder will directly affect whether you become an asset or a liability to our organization." Without turning around he gestured dismissively.

"You may dismiss yourself"

The End

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