Web 2.0

It was a dark and rainy December night. All the presents had been unwrapped and now everyone was costing until New Years. Only a few more days and the New Year would start and people could being their lives anew. Maxwell stood under the lap posting checking his watch and watching the rain drops fall onto it's digital screen. Time seems to stand still when your waiting to die.

Maxwell was 31 years old and lived in Harlem NYC. He was a technegro. A computer junkie with a lust for all things digital. A love for Hip-Hop music, and he always believed that he would one day be an Internet moguel and crush Microsoft and Google. But as he found it you must always be careful what you wish for.

Standing outside in the rain Maxwell was waiting for answers. It was only an hour ago that his T-Mobile Sidekick rang with an unknown number. The voice on the other end gave him news of his fate and if he wasn't outside to meet the car and receive answers all that he knew would be destroyed. It was on Monday, Christmas eve, that he had stumbled upon a video clip on YouTube. The clip had no views and had just been uploaded to the site. As he watched the clip he noticed images that he reconiged. It was his house and it was on fire. Close up images streamed into focus on his friends and family in the house all dead. Their bodies chared with flames. He clicked off the video in horror. He then went back to the clip but it no longer existed on the site.

Moments later a text message came to his phone with a url to visit. He typed in the url into his FireFox and landed on a site. On the site was his photo, and the words "MISSION One." The mission had instructions to hack the codes into his jobs maneframes and load on to a USB drive all the passwords to all of the banks security systems. And on the site was a video of his husban with a man holding a gun to his head. He jumped up from the computer and noticed a dark figure standing over his husband with a gun pointing stright at his skull. "OK. Don't hurt him...I'll do it" Maxwell yelled.

He rushed back to the computer and in moments all the passwords where loaded onto a bugs bunny shaped USB drive the dark figure tossed to Maxwell. "Good Work. We will be in touch." The man hit Maxwell with the back of his gun and all went dark.

It was a dark and rainy night. Maxwell is on the corner and looking at his watch. It's 9:30pm and he has 3 minutes to make a decision. Should he follow this path forced upon him by the dark shadowy men. The voice message he got at 9 told him to be outside at 9:31 and to get into the car to begin the next mission.

The End

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