We Walk In Dreams

He comes to her in dreams.....

Everything was caught in an odd mist, a grey fog blurring the edges of the entire place. I could not really tell where I was, only that I heard the gurgle of a river of sorts and the smell of moist earth.

But there was a crisp, fresh figure who caught my eye, who stood out against the faded and strangely mashed scene like a candle in the dark. His figure was tall, his eyes gentle and knowing, a face both war-like and serene. I had a feeling that I had seen him before, that we had met before, that I knew him. Too I knew that he knew me, more perhaps than I knew myself. He seemed to read my every thought, every emotion, yet I said nothing and made no move.

He slowly strolled through the mixed confusion, so clear, cutting through it in one step and in several more he had closed the gap between us. I knew for certain that I had known him all of my life, and what seemed like far before. I felt frustation rise within me as I could not remember his name or could not recall an earlier memory in which we met. It all seemed at the very tip of my tongue, the back of my mind.

He cooled and intensified all my feelings all at the same time as he reached up and held my cheek in his hand, running his thumb gently over my skin. I trembled with delight, my eyes could not turn away from his, so bright, brilliant, like stars. He brought his face close to mine, almost nearing a kiss as he rested his forehead upon mine, our noses just brushing. My heart was running, pounding against my ribs like a caged bird.

Suddenly, he seemed to start to melt away, the color draining from the place. I reached for him but he was only air, his lips moved but I could not hear. I yelled for him but did not know his name--I pleaded for him to stay just a while longer, to tell me who he was, where he was from, where I had seen him before. But only more and more did he fade, and I was left alone in the darkness......

I opened my eyes slowly, flicking them about in the shadows of night. Still, I was alone in the darkness, and it was but a dream....or was it?

The End

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