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Today, the third Saturday in June, was Breakthrough Saturday; beginning the week long Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the unsealing of the City Building of Manhattan. 

Today, people would be celebrating the moment when two high school kids, named David Krendell and Karen Bennet first opened the Chamber Doors, and stepped out of the chilling darkness of the Lincoln Tunnel, into the warm fresh air and brilliant sunlight of the Wilderness. 

Next Saturday, they would celebrate Reuniting Day, commemorating high school girl Louise Torelli's opening the Chamber Doors, allowing Pastor Domnick Luzak and his niece Charlene Luzak into the world of the City Building; beginning the reuniting of the City Building People and the People of the Wilderness, along with the restoration of the Nation. 

Beginning today would be one week long Celebration, lasting through midnight of the fourth Sunday in June. Celebrations would be taking place in every community all over the Country. 

On the third Saturday morning in June, 42 year old Dave Krendell drove his hovercar east, passing all the shops along the two blocks of Zabelton's Main Street. He stopped for a red light at the crossroads, with the Presbyterian Church on his right. When the light turned green, he turned right, then left, going into the crowded parking lot of the Glad He Ate Her Diner. He managed to find an empty space where he set the car down. Then he, his wife Karen and their daughter, 16 year old Alyce got out of the vehicle, walked across the asphalt pavement, and climbed the steps into the crowded diner where things were unusually hectic. 

Dave and Karen's former classmate Sarah Landis was behind the counter. 

He called out, "Hey there Sarah!" 

"Hi you two! Alyce! Larry's in the back! He won't be able to join you today!" 

"I figured that!" He told her, "Looks like you're gonna be really busy all day; or at least before and after the Game!" 

"Right." She told him, "The two dozen pairs of Chosen Warriors, will be fighting to the death in this afternoon's Annual Combat Game. I'm glad it's the only Combat Game we have out here!" 

The Krendell's found an empty booth beside a window, looking out at the Church across the road. 

Sarah came over, handed them three breakfast menus, and filled their cups with coffee. The menu featured dishes with variations of eggs, bacon, cheese, ham, pancakes, waffles, and home fries or hash browns with onions. Human sausages and patties that had been shipped out from the City Building were also included in the menu. 

Sarah said, "Jimmy and Charlene won't be joining us either. Every one of their 50 Motel rooms is occupied, by present day students or faculty members, from H.S. L-1378-55. They've come as supporters of our old Alma Mater's Chosen Warriors. Jimmy and Charlene have got even more on their hands than me and Larry." 

Karen said, "I'm glad our girl Alyce here is participating. She'll be fighting to the death as one of our local High School's Two Dozen Chosen Warriors. It's good for our kids to participate in an actual combat game, even if it is just one game a year, and hardly enough die. I want Alyce's brothers and sisters to be taking part when it's their time, instead of just safely watching City Building Games on TV." 

"Mrs. Landis." Alyce Krendell changed the subject. "Do you know if the Haskins' son Kevin's gonna be joining us for breakfast today?" 

Sarah shook her head. "I don't think so. They're just too busy. It looks like you won't be seeing your boyfriend until the Game." 

The girl sighed. 

"Don't worry Alyce." Her mother assured her, "Whatever you two are arguing about, his parents have raised him to be a gentleman like his father. He's still gonna be taking you to the Dance tonight, and he'll still be fucking you with love, before he brings you home on time." 

Dave said, "Then in the morning, we'll all be going to Church, where everyone can repent, confess their sins, and you can go back to being a good girl." 

The girl said, "It might not be that easy Dad. 'The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak'." 

Her mother told her, "And the appetite makes the final decision. That's why we need a Savior Alyce, and that's why we need Him on the Cross." 

Sarah spoke. "Now look who's just arrived." 

A dark haired, trim figured woman in her early 40's had entered the diner, wearing dark glasses, shorts and a yellow tee shirt. A teenage girl had come in with her. The girl's hair was the same color and set the same way as the older woman's. She was also dressed the same. Printed in green, on the front of both their tee shirts, was the insignia "H.S. L-1378-55." 

The two of them came over to the Krendell's booth. Both women wore human knuckle bone necklaces, and bracelets. The older one also wore a pair of shrunken heads tied on her belt. 
The girl had four shrunken heads tied on hers. 

The woman said, "Hi Sarah." 

"Good morning Louise." 

The woman in the tee shirt and human bone jewelry looked at the people in the booth. 

"Good morning Dave. Good morning Karen." 

Dave said, "Hi Louise." 

Karen said. "Good morning Louise. 

Karen spoke to her daughter. "Alyce. This is Mrs. Louise Torelli-Avery. She is a former classmate of your father and mine. She is also School Board President, of all the Schools on Level 1378 of the City of Manhattan Building." 

Mrs. Torelli-Avery said, "I am also married to the son of our former High School Principal. This beautiful girl beside me is our daughter Carlotta Avery. She is a member of our former Alma Mater's Chosen Warriors. She has come to fight to the death, against one of this Town's Chosen Warriors, in this afternoon's Combat Game." 

Karen told her, "And this is our daughter Alyce, who is a member of our Town of Zabelton's Chosen. That means it's possible, that both of our brave and beautiful daughters might be fighting each other to the death, this afternoon." 

Alyce looked at the four shrunken heads on the Kendell girl's belt, while the girl looked at Alyce's belt, from which nothing hung. 

"More than possible." Louise told them, "It's definite. I made sure of that Karen. I made sure that your daughter and mine will be having the bare boob chick fight to the death that you and I should have had, when we were their age." 

Carlotta spoke smugly to Alyce. "Welcome to Paradise girl. Are you a real warrior girl, ready to kill and be killed at any moment, or are you a wussy pussy?" 

"Welcome to Paradise yourself." Alyce replied "I've been wondering that about you." 

Carlotta told her, "I am also a Jephthahn Priestess; a Warrior Priestess. Everyone who I kill in a combat game is a Sacrifice to God. Are you ready to be one yourself?" 

"I am." Alyce said, "Are you?" 

"I am." 

Now Dave spoke. "It's obvious that neither of you is a wussy pussy. You'll both be brave and beautiful 'Angels of Death at play, when in combat games you slay'." 

"Right." Carlotta's mother told both girls, "Whichever one of you dies this afternoon, will be tasty angel meat. The tenderest and tastiest of all." 

Carlotta told Alyce, "Sexy meat to cook and eat; either of us." 

Sarah said, "Oh I've got a customer. I'll be back." 

The Diner's busy hostess hurried over to someone who'd seated himself at the counter. 

Now the Zabelton warrior girl told Carlotta, "After the barbecue this afternoon, the one of us who's not in Paradise, meaning me, will be fucking my betrothed with love." 

"Correction." Carlotta smirked. "I'm the slut who will kill you and eat your barbecued meat; and then I will be the one fucking your betrothed. If love is included it'd be nice, but it's not necessary." 

This year's Annual Combat Game, between the Chosen Few from the visiting H.S. L-1378-55 Team, and the Chosen Few who were the local Zabelton Team, began at 1 o'clock that afternoon. More than 2,500 people were seated in the bleachers, on both sides of the Charles Avery Memorial High School athletic field; about 2 miles north of the Zabelton Crossroads. They sat sweating in the 92 degree heat of the early Summer afternoon; under the heavy sun which blazed in a deep blue but partly cloudy sky, surrounded by the tall, rounded green mountains of northeast Pennsylvania. 

The School's band played the "Stars and Stripes Forever" March. 

On the Home Team's side of the field, the Zabelton Cheerleaders leapt and whirled about, waving their pom-poms and chanting. 

"More meat to eat! 
More meat to eat! 
More meat to eat! 
More meat to eat!" 

The entire crowd joined in the chanting, while clapping in rhythm. 

Out on the field, 24 pairs of Warrior Guys and Girls from both Schools had been fighting with swords and shields, going at each other fearlessly, all bare above the waist. One Visiting Team Warrior Guy had been killed so far, and the crowd had shouted "Welcome to Paradise!" 

He now lay dead on the grass, with his sword and shield beside him. His victorious opponent was Kevin Haskins, the son of Jimmy and Charlene, who was betrothed to Alyce Krendell. He stood alongside the edge of the field, joining in the chanting and clapping. 

The crowd had also begun chanting, 

"Welcome to Paradise! 
Welcome to Paradise! 
Welcome to Paradise! 
Welcome to Paradise!" 

Dave and Karen Krendell were seated in the Home Team bleachers, with Alyce's five younger brothers and sisters; also joining in the chanting and clapping. They sat beside Jimmy and 
Charlene Haskins, and their kids. The attention of the Krendells and the Haskins was now focused on Alyce and Carlotta. The two were out on the field, dressed in only sneakers and very short skirts, fighting fully bare breasted, going at each other fearlessly with swords and shields. 

"You were right Dave." Karen said, "Our daughter truly is a brave and beautiful Angle of Death!" 

She shouted eagerly, "Kill her Karen! Kill her!" 

Dave and all their children repeated, "Kill her Karen! Kill her!" 

Jimmy, Charlene and their kids also joined in. "Kill her Karen! Kill her!" 

Out on the field, Carlotta managed to get her sword around Alyce's shield, stabbed her under her firm left breast, and drove the blade up into the girl's heart. The girl made a single, brave cry. 

Carlotta laughed. 

In the bleachers Carlotta's mother shouted, "Good kill Carlotta! Good kill!" 

In the Home Team Fans' bleachers, Karen spoke softly. "Die brave Alyce! Die brave! You're entering Paradise!" She prayed, "And please God, don't let her resurrect!" 

Out on the field, the Zabelton girl sighed and collapsed, falling away from Carlotta's blood stained sword, and lay stretched out dead on the grass. 

The crowd shouted, "Welcome to Paradise!" 

Then Carlotta backed away from her dead opponent, while her Visiting Team fans cheered. She bowed smiling toward them. 

The Krendell and the Haskins families all stayed in their seats, cheering on the Zabelton Warriors for the remainder of the Game; as did all the families of those who were killed. 

The Game ended. People began to come down from the bleachers. The victorious warriors had each beheaded his or her defeated opponent, and now carried their heads in clear plastic bags. 

Louise Torelli-Avery headed across the field, approaching the Krendells and the Haskins. Her daughter Carlotta walked beside her, not carrying anyone's head in any plastic bag. The bare breasted body of Alyce Krendell lay dead out in the field, on the spot where she'd collapsed, with her head still attached. 

Karen, Dave, Jimmy and Charlene came down from the bleachers. Their kids headed to their families cars. Mr. and Mrs. Krendell stood together with Jimmy and Charlene, waiting for both City Building women who came up to them. 

Carlotta laughed. "When I stabbed your daughter she said, 'You slut'. Then just before she fell dead, her final words were, 'My pussy is coming.' That means her meat will be very sweet." 

"That's good." The dead girl's mother spoke proudly, "My Warrior Girl daughter died brave and beautiful, and entered Paradise in ecstasy." 

Louise said, "I'm glad you approve." 

Dave spoke. "Tell me something." He asked Carlotta, "Why didn't you behead her? You said you wanted to add her shrunken head to the other four on your belt." 

"My mother told me to wait." 

Louise told him, "There is a chance that your girl might resurrect. I'd like to see if you're still the one, who can raise the dead through prayer." 

He asked, "If she does resurrect, will your daughter cut my daughter's head off then?" 

Louise said, "That's up to my daughter." 

Now Charlene asked Carlotta's mother, "Are you planning to attend the After Game Barbecue?" 

"I certainly am." Louise replied. "Fresh meat and fresh vegetables. There's no way this City Building gal's gonna be passing that up." 

Carlotta had turned and now gazed across the playing field, at Kevin Haskins standing beside the bare breasted, fully intact body of Alyce Krendell. 

"Whether she resurrects or not," the City Building Girl said "there's no way I'm passing that up." 

The Warrior Girl then headed out across the athletic field, in the direction of Alyce's boyfriend, while she sang. 

"We are the Warrior Girls 
We're brave and deadly pearls 
Angels of Death at play..." 

The End 

The End

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