26 "The Way Things are Done"Mature

Two hours after the Game ended, the Warrior Guys, Girls and Cheerleading Squad of the H.S. L-1378-55 Team had gathered for the barbecue in the downstairs recreational hall of the Glad He Ate Her Lounge, along with a few guests. Charlene Luzak was among the guests. 

A 6 & 1/2 foot long, three-foot wide, "Full Body Size" electric barbecue grill stood at one end of the room. The dismembered arms, legs, and other body parts of Alyce Vanderland were spread out atop the metal grill, where they'd just begun to cook. The naked, headless bodies of the Warrior Girl Carlotta, along with several Warrior Girls, from the L-1791-22 Team, lay on a work table behind the grill, where they were now in the process of being dismembered. 

The heads of Alyce, Carlotta and the other Warrior Girls, were impaled atop stakes that stood to the right of the grill. 

About halfway between the grill, and the opposite end of the hall, Jimmy stood in the crowd, beside Charlene. 

He told her, "It's gonna be a while before we get to eat. Is there anything you'd like to do in the mean time?" 

"Like what?" 

He told her, "I don't know if you've seen it, but upstairs in the back they have some alcoves behind curtains, where a guy and a girl can be alone, and do 'whatever you want to call it', with each other." 

She smiled. "Thank you Jimmy. That's very flattering, but I told you I'm not a team girlfriend. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the compliment, but where I come from, we girls do have time to wait, before we do 'whatever you want to call it', with a guy." 

He told her, "But you and I don't have time. You'll be leaving tomorrow." 

She said, "And you'll be coming with us." 

He said, "Do you mean that while I'm in Zabelton with you..." 

"Sorry Jimmy. For me, it'll have to be a committed relationship." 

"You mean a 'betrothal', like this thing with Dave and Karen?" 

"That's how it is with us outside. I'm sorry Jimmy. You're an okay guy. If I was a City Building girl, things would be different; but I'm not. I've been doing a lot to try to fit in while I'm here, but that's one thing I'm just not doing." 

Jimmy was about to reply, when someone working by the grill called out, "We're not gonna have enough meat for everyone! We need one more girl to barbecue! Does anyone want to volunteer?" 

There was laughter throughout the hall. 

A girl in the crowd called out. "She will!" 

There was more laughter. 

Another girl answered, "Only if you will too Louise!" 

"They only need one of us, Karen!" 

Karen and Louise were standing in the crowd, on the opposite side of the room from Charlene and Jimmy.

Karen asked Louise, "How about letting Dave decide who it is?" 

"That's okay with me!" 

The laughter had stopped. 

Larry and Sarah came through the crowd, and stood beside Jimmy and Charlene. 

Larry said, "Krendell's about to make his choice." 

Now Dave stepped out from the crowd, carrying a crossbow. 

There was murmuring throughout the hall. 

Both Karen and Louise had remained bare breasted after the Game, except for their knuckle bone necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Each girl wore a pair of shrunken heads on her belt. 
The two girls came over to Sarah, removed the necklaces and handed them to her. 

Then the two of them stepped away from everybody, and headed toward the opposite end of the hall from the grill. 

Now Charlene asked, "What's going on? Is Dave gonna kill one of them? 

"Karen!" She called out, "Louise! You both said you'd decided to choose life!" 

The two girls halted and faced Charlene 

Louise told her, "We decided that we shouldn't try to kill one another. We're letting Dave decided which one of us he wants." 

The girl from Zabelton said, "I can't believe you're actually doing this Dave! I know things are very different here than they are on the outside; but are you actually going to kill a woman who says that she loves you?" 

Dave told her, "Don't say any more Charlene." 

Charlene went on, "They're not warrior girls on an opposing team, who you don't know, and they're not target girls on Level 700, who you don't know either. They are women who both love you!" 

He repeated, "Don't say any more Charlene." 

"What do you mean don't? I am gonna say a lot more!" 

"For you own good," he told her, "don't say any more." 

"My own good?" 

Karen called out, "One of us is supposed to die Charlene, but it sounds like you're trying to keep us both alive." 

"Well I am!" 

"Don't say that!" Louise told her, "That means you're trying to save our lives, and that's against the law." 

"It is?" 

"Yes," Louise told her, "and you can get in very serious trouble; so for your own good, don't say any more!" 

"Okay I won't, but this just isn't right!" 

"Charlene!" Karen spoke firmly. "When we go outside the City Building, we'll do things your way, but as long we're inside, this is the way things are done!" 

Louise and Karen headed to the far end of the room, from where everyone else had moved. They were about ten feet from the far wall, when the two turned and faced Dave, who stood in the middle of the floor, holding the crossbow in both hands, at the level of his waist. 

Now Dave raised the crossbow. 

Charlene moved closer to Jimmy, who put his arm around her, and firmly squeezed her breast. She slapped his hand away, and moved a few steps beyond his reach. 

Then everyone in the hall began to clap and to chant. 

"More meat to eat! 
More meat to eat! 
More meat to eat! 
More meat to eat..." 

The chanting and clapping continued as Dave pointed his weapon in the direction of Karen and Louise. 

Charlene stood apart from everyone, watching in fascination as the chanting and clapping went on. 
"More meat to eat! 
More meat to eat! 
More meat to eat! 
More meat to eat..." 

Then Karen and Louise began to sing. 

"We are the Warrior Girls! 
We're brave and deadly pearls! 
'Angels of Death' at play, 
When in combat games we slay! 
"We kill with sword and spear; 
When we're killed we show no fear, 
While a sharp and...Ahhh!!!" 

Dave had shot the crossbow. The arrow struck Louise between her breasts, cracked through her breastbone, punctured her heart, and poked out her back. 

She made a quick scream, and heard everyone in the crowd call out. "Welcome to Paradise!" 

She collapsed, and lay sprawled on her back, dying on the floor beside Karen, who completed the verse. 

"While a sharp and deadly slice, 
Sends us straight to Paradise!" 

Then she called out, "Oh Dave! You really do love me!" 

Then Karen ran away from the dead Louise, heading toward Dave, who tossed the crossbow aside to someone in the crowd. 

She went into his arms, and he held her tight, as they kissed passionately. 

Charlene stood there looking at the dead girl with the arrow sticking out from between her breasts. 

"I thought of her as a friend." She said, "I have no idea what to say." 

Now Larry said, "Well it's still gonna be a while before we eat. Any ideas about something to do, until then?" 

Jimmy said, "Well I had one." 

Charlene said, "Forget it Jimmy!" 

Sarah said, "Charlene and I can have bare boob chick fight." 

Charlene said, "What? Why? I thought we were getting along okay." 

"No, that's not it." Sarah told her, "You see, after what you just pulled, trying to save both their lives, you might get in serious trouble if somebody reports it; but if people see you taking part in sadistic recreation, they'll know you're okay, and you'll avoid any of those problems." 

"Well, I don't want any problems with the law." She grinned. "I have decided to stop being a wussy pussy. Since I'm dressed like a warrior girl, I think this would a good time for me to start training to be a warrior girl." 

Then she and Sarah removed their accessories, handing them to Larry. 

A girl called out from the far end of the hall. "Hey Krendell!" 

Everyone looked in the direction of her voice. 

The girl in Dave's arms said, "Uh-oh!" 

He said, "I hope this won't get us in trouble with Avery again." 

Louise now stood above the spot where she'd been lying dead, with the arrow still sticking out from between her breasts and poking out of her back. 

She called out, "This isn't Paradise, is it?" 

Later that evening, Pastor Domnick Luzak was in his tiny room in the hostel, putting items in his backpack, getting ready for tomorrow's departure. After a week of meetings he had a firm agreement, that he was sure the Government outside would find acceptable. Of course, that would all depend on whether or not the City Building's Government kept their word. 

From outside the door, he heard two teenage girls coming down the corridor singing. 

"We are the Warrior Girls! 
We wear our hair in curls! 
We walk with our boobs bare, 
To make the boys all stare! 

'We only bang with guys, 
Whose things are giant size! 
And when they eat our meat, 
They get a sexy, juicy treat!" 

He went to the door and slid it open. 

In front of him were a laughing Charlene, Jimmy, Larry and Sarah. Both girls were bare above the waist, except for accessories carved from human bones, and shrunken heads tied on their belts. 
Charlene had a bruise under her left eye. 

"Hi Uncle Domnick." Charlene spoke with a laughing voice. "I hope I'm not late." 

"No you're not." He said, "I hope you'll all remember to stay fully clothed, during all the time that you'll be spending with us in Zabelton; and while you're there, I hope you'll also avoid singing that 'folksong'." 

Jimmy said, "No problem with that Pastor Luzak." 

Charlene told him, "We're all gonna be good boys and good girls." 

"Charlene?" Her uncle asked, "Do you have a black eye?" 

"Yes." She nodded. "I was taking part in some recreation. Keeping myself out of trouble." 

Now the man asked, "So how did the Game go?" 

"We lost," Jimmy told him, "and the cheerleader who got hanged was Alyce." 

The Pastor looked troubled. "Not Alyce?" 

Charlene nodded, and stopped laughing. "She won't be going with us to Zabelton Uncle Domnick." 

Sarah added, "Along with another girl who won't be going." 

Pastor Luzak asked, "And the other girl was...?" 

"The other girl," Charlene told him "has other plans." 

The End

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