25 "Healthy Bloodlust"Mature

On Saturday afternoon, Charlene attended the Combat Game in the Gymnasium of H.S. L-1378-55. This time the Home Team fought bare above the waist as promised, against the fully clothed team from H.S. L-1791-22. The fighting was intense, and there were a large number of fatalities on both sides. 

Charlene thought, This is the first time since I've arrived, when I've actually seen people getting killed. Uncle Domnick prayed that nobody would be harmed in our presence. Until now that hasn't happened; but he also said that while we were inside the City Building, we might have to take the curse upon ourselves. 

That's what I've been doing all week. Now I've chosen to be in a place where people are being harmed and killed in my presence. It's really exciting to watch, and I'm enjoying it. 

As the fighting raged, Louise fought among the bare breasted warrior girls, killing fully clothed warrior guys and girls from the opposing team. 

Alyce was again among the bare breasted cheerleaders who leapt high and whirled around while waving their pompoms and chanting. 

"Jimmy Haskins--He's our man! 
If he can't do it--Landis can! 
Larry Landis--He's our man! 
If he can't do it--Torelli can! 
Louise Torelli--She's our gal 
If she can't..." 

In the stands, Karen sat alone. 

Charlene also sat in the stands but not alone. She sat beside Dave. She wore a short yellow skirt, human bone necklace, bracelet and earrings, along with being casually bare breasted. She also wore the pair of shrunken heads she'd purchased and named Romeo and Juliet, dangling from her belt. She was totally fascinated by the deadly action going on in front of her; thoroughly enjoying the spectacle; cheering whenever H.S. L-1378-55 scored a kill or a goal. 

She happily shouted, "Welcome to Paradise!", whenever a warrior guy or girl on either side was killed. 

The smiling girl from Zabelton began to sing. A song she'd heard a few girls harmonizing at the Glad He Ate Her, over the last few days. 

"We are the Warrior Girls! 
We're brave and deadly pearls! 
Angels of Death at play, 
When in combat games we slay! 
"We kill with sword and spear! 
When we're killed we show no fear, 
While we help supply the meat, 
For everyone to cook and eat!" 

Dave smiled. "It sounds like you've got a good, strong and healthy, natural bloodlust Charlene." 

"Oh I do!" She spoke with enthusiasm, "I had no idea that being sadistic would feel so good! 

You City Building people are right. It is a virtue." 

"I'm glad to hear you feel that way." He told her, "You know, that means you'd make a really good warrior girl yourself." 

She continued smiling. "That's what Alyce and Louise told me the other day. Of course I'd have to transfer to this school and be properly trained first." 

"Right. After that, I'd love to see you out there with the others, fearlessly engaged in deadly fighting, as a brave and beautiful, bare breasted 'Angel of Death'." 

Her eyes lit up as she grinned broadly. "Why thank you for that wonderful compliment Dave! 

She thought, Oh I'd love to have him fuck me! 

Charlene looked out across the gym floor, where the fighting raged on, at a brave and beautiful Warrior Girl named Carlotta, who lay sprawled on her back, with a deep fatal gash through her naked left breast. She'd lain dead there since the fighting began. She'd been killed within the first minute of the Game. 

If I had agreed to take part in this Game, Charlene thought, I'd be just like her right now; one of the first to enter Paradise; tasty, tender virgin meat. 

Now the girl from Zabelton told Dave, "Taking part would be the most exciting experience I'd ever have! It would also probably be my final experience." 

Charlene was quiet for a few moments. 

Then she told him, "It's too bad we don't have combat games outside the City Building. I'd love it if we did; but out there it'd be illegal." 

He told her, "Once enough people start leaving the City Building, and begin settling out there around Zabelton, and other parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and a lot of other places, I'm sure that's all gonna change." 

"I hope so." She grinned. "Then when it does, that's when I'd like to begin taking part in it myself. At least every now and then." 

Charlene noticed that Dave's attention was divided between her, the game, Karen and Louise. 

She asked him, "Have you made up your mind yet? Who's it gonna be, Karen or Louise?" 

"I've made up my mind." He told her, "I don't want to say who it is yet. Wait 'til after the Game. 

That's when the two of them and everybody else, will find out at the same time." 

Now the Game had ended. The home Team had lost. 

Mrs. Ramierez walked along the line of cheerleaders, carrying the box, from which each girl drew a cord with an empty noose. This time, the girl who drew the cord with the hanged cheerleader doll was Alyce Vanderland. 

She heard Karen say, "One less passenger for Zabelton." 

Alyce looked at her and said, "'It's all part of being a cheerleader!'" 

Then Miss Vanderland angrily threw the doll down against the floor. Without waiting for the 

Team to escort her, she stamped out across the gym floor, heading toward the Home Team goal post, kicking a few dead warriors on her way. 

She reached the goal post, where the brand new rope with a noose was dangling. She turned around to face the crowd, grabbed the noose with both hands, put it over her head and around her neck. 

In the stands, Charlene had been watching all this. The moment she recognized the cheerleader standing inside the goalpost; her bloodlust vanished. She spoke with distress. "It's Alyce?" 
From inside the goalpost, Alyce called out, "Hey Haskins! Get your ass over here, and put an end to me now! And this time make sure you do it right!" 

The crowd of both teams and school officials were already gathering around the goal post. Jimmy came up beside her. 

She told him, "I want to stay dead forever! I don't want to come back like Karen or Louise. I want to be partying in Paradise, like dead cheerleaders are supposed to do, and I want my classmates eating sausages made of me, at Monday's lunch." 

He told her, "Well I'll do what I can, but once you're dead, who knows what'll happen?" 
He moved behind her, and snapped the handcuffs around her wrists. Then he moved in front of her. 

"Welcome to Paradise." He said. 

She told him, "I'll be waiting for you there." 

Then Jimmy Haskins put one arm around Alyce Vanderland, and kissed her on the lips, while firmly gripping one of her bare breasts with his free hand. 

After that, he moved to the side, gripped the rope, and began pulling her up off the floor, raising her high for everyone to see her die gagging, squirming and thrashing around. 

In less than two minutes, the chosen cheerleader Alyce Vanderland was dead. 

Everyone began to disperse from the gym. The spectators headed out through the main entrances, while the team members headed for the locker rooms. 

Jimmy stopped to talk with Mr. Avery for a moment. Then he came over to the sideline, where Sarah and Larry stood with Karen and Louise. Dave and Charlene joined them. 

Jimmy said, "I just spoke to Avery. We've got his permission to take Alyce to the Glad He Ate Her, and barbecue her for the party. We'll be eating her fresh cooked meat, right off her bones." 

Larry said, "Great idea." 

Everyone else in the group expressed approval, except Charlene. The no longer bloodlusting girl looked uneasily at the dangling, dead Alyce. 

She said, "Wait. You're gonna be eating Alyce? When you know who she is? It's one thing eating sausages or patties. You don't really know who it comes from. Now we'll be eating someone we actually know?" 

Jimmy asked her, "How'd you like to share the meal with me?" 

"Share the meal? Is this some kind of a date?" 

"You could call it that." 

Charlene looked over at Alyce, hanging dead inside the goal post. 

She said, "You City Building guys really don't waste time, do you?" 

"Right. So would you like to share the meal with me?" 

"Okay. I just want you to understand something. I'm not going to be a team girlfriend." 

He said, "That's okay Charlene. I'm just asking you to share a meal. Nothing else." 

Now Karen told her, "Jimmy's an okay guy Charlene. He's a gentleman, who won't force you to anything you don't want." 

"Good." The niece of Pastor Luzak said, "I'll be happy to share a meal of Alyce's barbecued flesh with you Jimmy." 

The End

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