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On Monday morning, the students at High School L-1378-55 were surprised to see their classmates Dave Krendell and Karen Bennet enter the Lobby outside the Main Offices, not killed and carrying their edu-computers. They entered accompanied by Pastor Domnick Luzak and Reverend Charles MacDougal. Both men arrived wearing their black robes and clerical collars. 

The two clergymen and both students went directly into the Main Office, where they were immediately escorted into the office of Mr. Charles Avery. The man rose from his desk, came over and shook hands with both men. 

"Good morning gentlemen." The Principal said, "I was informed you'd be arriving this morning. It's good to see you again Reverend MacDougal." 

"Thank you Principal Avery." The local Clergyman said, "I want to introduce you to Pastor Domnick Luzak. He has come to speak to us, all the way from Zabelton Pennsylvania." 

"Yes. I've heard the rumors, and I know some of the facts." Mr. Avery spoke to Domnick, "So you're the man who's come to the City Building, in hope of turning our world upside down." 

"On the contrary." Pastor Luzak told him, "I'm here in hope of keeping things stable, while major changes occur." 

Domnick looked at the two students. "But first of all, I'm here to speak on behalf of Mr. David Krendell and Miss Karen Bennet here. While it's true that for the past week, they've both had unexcused absences; those absences were due to circumstances beyond their control. Last weekend, when school was not in session, they went exploring outside the City Building. Then they were inadvertently locked out, until two days ago, when I escorted them back inside. 

"In this past week, they have spent most of their time in my community of Zabelton, where they were staying in a Motel that is owned and operated by my brother Henry Luzak. I want you to know that we've come to regard them both as good people. They were respectful to me and everyone they met, during the entire time they spent in our community." 

Mr. Avery looked at Dave and Karen skeptically. "'Good people' and 'respectful'? These two?" 

Dave spoke, "We were on our best behavior sir." 

Karen said, "I was a very good girl sir." 

The Principal nodded. "Obviously." Then he asked, "Staying in the same room?" 

Pastor Luzak told him, "According to them, they are betrothed." 

"'Betrothed'?" Mr. Avery smirked at the students. "Oh is that what you call it?" 

"Principal Avery." The Pastor from Zabelton told him, "When they arrived, they were two lost and frightened kids, and we took them in. As we do it for one of the least of our Lord's brethren, we do it for Him." 

"I see." The Principal said, "You want me to allow them back in class, after an entire week's unexcused absence?" 

"Exactly. As I said, the absences were due to circumstances beyond their control. I will vouch for that, and so can many others." 

"I promise to take that into consideration, Pastor Luzak." 

The Principal spoke to Dave and Karen, "Please wait in the outer office. I'll speak to you as soon as my meeting with these gentlemen is concluded." 

Dave said, "Yes sir Principal Avery." 

He and Karen then went out the door, leaving the Principal alone with both clergymen. 

Now Mr. Avery seated himself behind his desk, while Pastor Luzak and Reverend MacDougal sat in chairs facing him. 

"Those two look in very good health. I suppose that means that fresh air and sunlight actually does do people good, as we've always read." 

"That's right." Domnick told him, "And they also ate well. They ate what we eat." 

The Principal said, "But not human flesh?" 

"No Mr. Avery. They ate flesh of animals, and they also ate vegetables." 

"Vegetables? Is that what you'd like to have every one of us inside the City Building eat, instead of our neighbors?" 

"Thanks be to the Lord." Reverend MacDougal told him, "The blessings of His infinite abundance are about to be poured out upon us all, Principal Avery." 

Domnick said, "Amen." 

Mr. Avery asked, "Don't you gentlemen think that the term 'about to' is an overstatement? Pastor Luzak, can you tell me that people outside the City Building, have the ability to provide immediate sustenance, for all of our citizens?" 

"No sir. It would take a very considerable amount of time and effort, before that even becomes a possibility." 

"That's what I thought. Now supposing we do stop eating each other. Do you know what would happen? It would be a catastrophe beyond measure. The population would be increased, far beyond a sustainable level. That means the kill quota would have to be increased; but if people have stopped eating those who get trimmed, the corridors of the City Building would be quickly filled beyond capacity with rotting corpses, for which there would be no method of disposal. 

"I know you mean well gentlemen; but the results of what you're offering us, would indeed turn our world upside down, in a most catastrophic way. It would be just the opposite of anything that I would call a blessing." 

"Principal Avery." Pastor Luzak said, "You're forgetting something very important. The City Building is now unsealed. People would not have to be 'trimmed' as you call it. They could instead move outside the City Building, in controlled numbers, and settle there. The world outside the City Building has more than enough room for all your excess population." 

The man said, "We've always been told that there'd be no place to go, and no way to get there." 

"There are places to go," Domnick told him, "and you can get to Zabelton from here in less than a day's journey." 

The man asked, "But how many people can your transportation system handle?" 

The Pastor from Zabelton told the man, "As soon as my work here is completed, it will be able to handle me and my niece, along with about six or seven of your students." 

The Principal was startled. "Our students?" 

"Yes sir. I'd like to have them come to Zabelton for a week, and experience life outside the City Building." 

While Pastor Luzak and the Reverend MacDougal were meeting with Principal Avery, Charlene Luzak sat in her room in the hostel, feeling restless. Both men would be busy all day. First of all they'd meet with Dave's and Karen's Principal. After that both clergymen were scheduled to spend the remainder of the day, in meetings with High Government Officials, and she had no idea what time her uncle would get back. 

The day before, she'd had a fascinating afternoon with Karen, Dave and the kids from L-1378-55 High; but today they were all in class. She was alone and afraid to leave her room, to go out into the corridors of the City Building alone. She also didn't like being in this room either. She especially hated the bathroom, where she'd found the murdered woman. 

The Desk Clerk had actually been amused by Uncle Domnick's use of the word "Murder"? 

"That's considered an archaic term." Reverend MacDougal had explained, "In ancient times, it was used to describe what was then regarded as the most serious crime of all, which was punished by the severest of penalties. Now we consider the act a personal contribution to the food supply." 

That first night in this room, just before she'd gone to bed, Charlene had watched an ancient movie named 'Psycho' on the TV. There was a scene in the movie, in which a woman got stabbed to death, while taking a shower in a motel room. After that, Charlene had trouble getting to sleep. 

I don't want to stay in here, she thought, but I'm afraid to leave! 

Then she thought, Afraid to leave? Why should I be? Neither me, Uncle Domnick, or anyone we've been with, have been in any personal danger since we first arrived. 

While we were still inside the Tunnel, Uncle Domnick prayed that no one would be harmed, in any place where we would be present, and so far nobody has. 

We've moved through those massive crowds of millions of people, in total safety. I wasn't in any danger when I was with those kids yesterday. I haven't actually seen anyone getting killed either. That woman in the shower was already dead when we arrived. I have no idea what the motive for her killing was; but I'm sure it had nothing to do with us. The only other dead people I've actually seen were the ones in the motorized carts, but we weren't present to actually see any of them getting killed. 

So why would I be in any greater danger now? 

Karen was right! I've got to stop being a wussy pussy! Besides, uncle Domnick and I have both been given debit cards by Reverend MacDougal's Church; so why shouldn't I put mine to use? 

She got up, combed her hair, put on a little make-up, and stepped out of the hostel, wearing a dark blue, knee length skirt, with a yellow blouse and dark blue shoes, while carrying a handbag on a shoulder strap. Then Charlene Luzak headed out among the crowds, to see what was going on, on the 1378th Level of the City of Manhattan Building. 

I might see what's happening on some other Levels too. Maybe even Level 700. 

She first stopped for breakfast in a local eatery, where she ate sausages and had a blood drink. 

After that she went along passing the windows of many fashionable shops, where every kind of the most excellent merchandise imaginable was invitingly displayed. 

She stopped in front of a Rubin's Accessories Shop, where human bone jewelry and other similar items were displayed in the window. 

Why not? She thought. As long as I'm here, why shouldn't I follow the local fashions? "Dress to impress." 

Charlene entered the shop, where she bought herself a human knucklebone necklace and bracelet. She also bought a pair of earrings carved from human bones, and the shrunken heads of a man and a woman. Then she removed her blouse and her bra, put on the jewelry, and hung the shrunken heads, who she called "Romeo and Juliet" on her belt. After that she looked in a mirror. 

"Wow!" She told the sales lady, "I really do look stylish!" 

"You certainly do Miss." the woman told her. "I'm sure your boyfriend will be very proud to be seen with you." 

"There's just one thing missing," Charlene said, "and I know what that is." 

Then she left the Accessories Shop, with her blouse and bra stuffed in her handbag. She went to the nearest Beauty Shop, and got her hair done. After this, she stood in front of another mirror. 
Topless chic and I've never looked better. Would my boyfriend be very proud to be seen with me? I hope Dave likes the way I look. 

What? Dave? No! He's Karen's guy! Or Louise's guy? Whoever his girlfriend is, she isn't me! To me he's just a friend! Don't think of him any other way! 

So what's wrong with hoping that a guy, who's just a friend, will like the way I look, or thinking that it'd be nice if he'd fk me? 

No! Don't think that way! 

Later that afternoon, the stylishly bare breasted, accessorized and coiffured Miss Luzak, was seated in a booth in the Glad He Ate Her Lounge, when the kids from L-1378-55 High arrived, after school was dismissed for the day. 

Alyce and Jimmy came down the steps. They went over to Charlene, accompanied by Louise. 

Alyce exclaimed. "Well look at you! You really look glamorous, doesn't she Jimmy?" 

"Sure does." Jimmy said, "'A sexy treat to spear, cook and eat.'" 

"What!" Charlene was startled. "Oh. Right. This is a sadistic culture where sadism is a virtue, and that's a compliment, and I've decided to stop being a wussy pussy." 

She regained her composure and said, "Thank you Jimmy. I'm sure you'd be good to eat too." She spoke uneasily. "That is considered a compliment too, isn't it?" 

Jimmy nodded, "Yeah, it is. Thank you Charlene." 

The girl from Zabelton told him, "As for my being speared, the only impalement I want, is when the guy with whom I'll be betrothed, penetrates me with is his spear of love. I won't die from that." 

The other three chuckled. 

"I know that sounds clumsy," she told them, "but I'm trying to do my best to fit in while I'm here. 

I'm gonna be needing a lot of advice." 

Alyce said, "Well the best way to fit in is to become a warrior girl like the rest of us." 

"Me? A warrior girl?" 

"You'd make a good one Charlene." Louise asked, "How'd you like to take part in the fighting with us, in this Saturday's Combat Game?" 

"What? Me? Take part the fighting? This Saturday? But I haven't had any training." 

"That's okay." Louise said, "We'll have more than enough time, to train you how to handle weapons properly." 

"No you won't! That's not enough time. I'd be a dead virgin within the first five minutes of the Game." 

"Then good for you!" Alyce told her, "It means you'll be among the first to enter Paradise. Besides, there's nothing wrong with being a virgin. As a matter of fact, virgin meat is supposed to be the tenderest and tastiest." 

Jimmy added, "That's what a lot of people say, but I've never noticed any difference." 

Charlene told them, "Wait a minute! I'm not a City Building Girl! I'm not prepared to die in a combat game, like all of you!" 

"It'll be okay Charlene." Louise told her, "Listen. You wouldn't be fighting alone. Sarah and I will both stand fighting beside you, with you between the two of us. We'll stand together in a phalanx, with our shields overlapping. Call it a 'trilanx'. The three of us fighting together like that, can fight off any attack, and kill any number of guys and gals who come against us. All three of us fighting that way, might actually all stay alive 'til the end of the Game. What do you say?" 

"What do I say?" The girl from Zabelton replied, "What I say is that I'm not enrolled as a student at High School L-1378-55; which means that I wouldn't be eligible to take part." 

"Right." Louise nodded. "That's too bad; but if you decide to transfer..." 

"Sure. I'll keep it in mind. Believe me, being invited to die fighting as a tasty Virgin Warrior Girl, is one invitation I'll never forget." 

"Good." Alyce said, "Now Charlene, we're the ones who gonna be needing your advice, on how to fit in outside the City Building." 

"You? Outside?" 

"That's right." Louise told her, "Your Uncle the Pastor has invited all of us, to come and spend all next week in Zabelton." 

"He has? Oh I think that's great!" 

"So do we, Miss Luzak. He's invited Me, Jimmy, and Alyce here. He's also invited Larry and Sarah." 

Alyce added, "Along with Dave and Karen of course." 

Louise repeated sharply. "'Karen of course!' Well they're not going. They've already had an entire week's unexcused absence. Now they have to stay here and make up all that work they missed." 

Alyce continued, "They won't be going to Zabelton, until after graduation. And this won't be an unexcused absence either. It's an officially school sponsored, educational field trip." 

Louise said, "Unfortunately, that means we're gonna be given all our assignments ahead of time; and we'll have to have them completed and ready to hand in, when we return." 

"Also unfortunately," Jimmy said, "that means we've got to have an adult chaperone from the school going with us." 

Charlene asked, "Why is that unfortunate?" 

Louise groaned, "The chaperone is Mr. Avery. I've heard that Mrs. Ramierez wants to go along too." 

"You see," Jimmy explained, "It's only a matter of time until a lot of people start moving outside; and settling in places like your Zabelton. That means that the population will increase tremendously. Then a lot of those new families are gonna need new schools. Avery and Mrs. Ramierez are going out to speak to people about having one or more schools built in the area around your town of Zabelton." 

Charlene nodded. "Good idea." 

Jimmy went on. "That's the reason why Mr. Avery and Mrs. Ramierez'll be leaving with us on Sunday morning, after Church." 

Alyce added, "That'll be seven of us going with you, if we all survive the game on Saturday afternoon."

The End

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