The War of Nations

It was clearer to us, in the extent of the war, that things were made destructive for the matters of Russia and the United States. Almost all of our nuclear arms had been set off after foreign countries, and it was from then that much of the war was driven by. Yet Wormwood had not advanced against our staying, it was expected that meteorites will fall. To the worry of the news, the war was almost stopped, although the greater war between societies and law had not given away. The police still held military attributes in their goings: seizing fugitives, causing casualties, and capturing towns. Populations were moved to a safeguarding, under the direction of militants. Coasts were seized and stormed by foreign and hostile guns. There were crowds of warships along the Atlantic coasts, where military security was no longer solid. The world was now sinking into lawlessness and nihilism among republics. The fear of Wormwood had taken the sanity and the balance in countries and nations. As I mentioned, the Thing had softened our steadiness as a unit, and in time, there will come the termination over the united nations.

In the War, there was what allies and enemies accomplished, movements in the race to create biological weapons with what could be captured of the Plague. The Antigen was born to the growth of the War. It would be driven into war, into the state of combat, and would sustain the fight in the most unimaginable of ways. Yet this was for the factions to decide over their own weapons. Africa was struck firstly by an Antigen bomb, in the living regions to where native establishments had resided within. There were great deaths, and masses of commoners were extinguished by the Antigen. Then there was a bomb in Europe, and the United Kingdom was struck second by the Antigen, over the War and those other devastations. There too was massive dyings, and governance there had been lost to the merciless wrath of the Antigen. Presently, our world was dying, nation by nation; losing life in order and population. It was expected that if things should continue in these same matters, Earth may soon fall into absolute extinction, leaving, perhaps, only numbers of spared people. It would take only days before the winds should carry off the diseases over the ocean, and reach us here. Then, under that same period, the atmosphere would soon follow in being filled entirely by the Antigen. Where ever there are humans, the Antigen would become fortunate to reach them before there should be any early notification, to the chance of the winds.

To many it was made memorable the day of the burning of all of currency. Money was burned by grieving and angered populations. Coins were dumped about the sea, and sunkened to never be found again. Gold was taken in the violence of cities, smashed and destroyed and melted in the fires of the disorderly. Fortune and property was stollen, taken and robbed; victimized by vandals or seized by the desperate. It was now, for sure, the beginning of the greatest end to ever approach upon civilization.



The End

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