The Eve Of The War

Throughout my entire days, being held ransom by my own difficulties, there has been, yet, not one matter that assures me of a pointless living. Surely, there will come happiness again, will it? I thought as I did in conditions that may help assure me of a morning star of hope, although, I saw none of this over the War. Nevertheless, I found a point of happiness in all that was natural, yet, harmless to my reasoning, but so simple; insignificant. Those trees, I thought, were yet swaying in their emerald gems of leaves and vegetables, gradual in the wind that was yet so pure and crisp. At times I had seen how much happiness was always here in the smallest of behaviors in the nature of a single lilly, or in the movement of insects over branches and their trees. A rock itself brought me into a fancy of concentration, yet, I had thought for this to just be something of my emotions themselves, my distress over what took place about me. Damned I had felt since the first night of our flight from the oblivion of death and cataclysm, yet, it had crept to us at the givin hour. My perception over these things, since my events, had come to only dismay over what had happened, or what was yet to happen. ''My fathers' fathers, they too had perished alone and without a blessing.''. Oh how I wept, distraught over those old and future things, almost feeling for every man, woman, and child that was brought to death, or at least those which I have witnessed of their corpses. I had not known yet that I was in the state of feeling for nearly all of man. How horribly had we been maimed, with malice in our minds, to forever remain permanent.

I saw how the calamaties had gotten the best of our colonies, for these present bombardments had costed our governments and national rules, social systems and controlled hierarchies. As these plagues have caught the best of me, they have done so for the rest of mankind just as well. Now it was a beginning for the course of our's, the human route over the planet. Shall we face an oblivious demise just as those trials over the reptiles before the human being? Perhaps we may be martyred to the savage elements that corrupt the brain of others. I have seen it, as others have, yet I have not seen who this order over the nation may be of origin to. Perhaps the sanity over our now extinct governance had done so much devastation and ruin, our country owned nothing but a plan to gather up the sheep, and to take from them what is able to be taken quickly. If they were to control their beliefs, perhaps, they are then able to control the sheep. Surely, as man had done so through strained history, somewhat, there may be the resistance over these current, totalitarian matters, if it should go to that principle in our age of time. Now, the War which was yet to come over the Earth meant a continuence in existance, or, in other mentalities, it may only mean the beginning of our conclusion, forever.

The End

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