The Shot Overhead

Imagining that the hostilities among those rows of hills had fled away, the gunnery was gathered and quickly placed to movement in route after the hills, across the emerald fields, and through the brush of the forestry ahead. Under the exhaustment of the heat, we abandoned the old camp, hurried for the good essentials, and whent forth on our voyage after San Diego. That range of hills were not the highest, yet, they weren't the most passable. We worried that some guns were left beyond easy visibilty, and if we should continue, a barrage of gunfire might spring upon us. We challenged the issue of the ambush, and found that the enirety of the extent was cleared of military standing.

''Look, they had already left the place in a hurry.'', my father said. Over the row of the little green hills, we spotted more placements of forestry existing about. We came down the route, saw abandoned crates of ammunation and ordenance dropped all across the empty gun yard. Shells laid glittering on the grass along deadened firewood and neglected boots. ''Good, they left goods all over the place. We'll need em.'', the lieutenant said. ''All of you, get what you need and only what you can carry.'', he said. The soldiers gathered to find as much supplies as needed. We found water, covers, packages of dry food, medicine, ammunition, a number of abandoned rifle guns, and other deserted provisions. ''Here,'', my father told me, ''we'll need a hand with the guns. Everybody's gonna be looking after each other now, you hear?''. ''I understand.'', I told my father. We travelled along the route then, following the wooded boundaries of forest borders, the extent of a log rail that would direct us towards the outside of Poway. We've seen, out of the distinct stillness of the air, excluding even the most farthest and greatest of firing, smoke standing upon the east of us, rushing out of the location of an old and ravaged base camp belonging to the military, the camp which was in movement well before the happenings, and the wars. Things over there seemed dead and silent, without a man in sight for us to spot. We left the side of the route there, and continued onwards. There was no loud fighting from that point until we arrived at a range of beautifully set hills. Over those high knolls, we saw the ruined structures over Bonsall. I had seen astonishment over my companions' faces baring the sight of civilization afar from us, and I was astounded to find things here still somewhat standing. ''San Diego is right over there, passed San Marcos, over the smoke and fires there!'', he shouted under the raging clamour of explosions far ahead. ''There, theres firing everywhere!'', Mr Washington said. ''We'll have to put a mighty hurry to miss the artillery shells! They're firing their gunneries all over Bonsall!''. ''We can't possibly escape through that without having to get killed or blown to high heaven!'', my father said.

''There's the men!'', my mother said, with flashes of the gunfire lighting over her face and the storming clouds above us. We spotted an artillery convoy setting everything from here to the town place into pounding flashes, into fire, and saw that things there were louder than all the stationary places that where firing shells into each other. There was machine-guns being discharged all about the clouded skies of Bonsall, and the grounds over the town. Aerial crafts unleashed quick explosives over segmented locations about Bonsall. In the chaos of these astonishing sights, I could not hear the others. I heard some of the armed soldiers shout orders on engaging after the closest shelter building, and these buildings were rows of houses under seige. Suddenly, there was a bright flare that flickered over us in hiding, and it was a projectile, the lieutenant pointed out loudly. It whent slowly over us, and shot with a hissing disengagement, like a falling star, and made its projected course over for the northern horizon, shrouded by the tumult of smoke and storm clouds. Over the bright lightning, which was the hammering of the army guns, that gleam of the projectile came down over the Bonsall place there, and disappeared into an abrupt detonation of force and oblivious light, blinding us all at that second. Was insensible in my sight, but I forced my head up along with my eyes to the place of the brilliant blast. In a billowing concussion, I saw a mighty infernal ball of one flaming cloud rising there. It road violently, and was merciless to the wind about its radius. ''They nuked us.'', Mr. Washington told me, watching the horror of that far reality.

The End

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