What Had Happened

This camp of the resistance of armed soldiers came to be when, on their way, they had found a river and a ravaged cottage. They had come under foot, tired and worn, but high-spirited in their sight of the distant antagonists. Oh how enduring they had seemed, lined at the foot of each hill in the far range. Both critical minds with powered spirits over their battle-guns and waging flags, stood only under a mile before their far-blasting cannon artillery.

It was understood that the invisible army standing far off beyond those distant hills, were, for sure, awaiting in seige against the troops. Heavy pounding guns were aimed after the troop camp, yet with the fear of that distant deliverance, not one shot was fired from them from their hillside stations. These fugitive troops of a United States regiment of artillery weapons had escaped the deadly blasts of the space radiation, as it was utter fire. Under the strikes of the mortal plagues, they had seen much of its destructive outcomes over human life, when inflicted. Many, in an army, had perished in the heaving battles that whent on along the country, witch had come to life when those concentrated attacks of the warheads began. I had seen their scars and burns on their arms, faces and legs, and they were in happiness of their fortunate miss. After the invadive attacks, military powers arose against these present militaries. ''We did not expect those gunships to appear at sea.'', the lieutenant mentioned. ''At that hour, we could'nt get details from neighboring regiments of the nature of those gunships. Could be either Russian or Chinese convoys on their way after the coast.''. When they had escaped the first of the enemy gunships, recognizing that they could not keep off those mighty warships with shells and gunnery, they decided to follow the route after our destined city.

They expected heavy firepower bursting about there, and friendly regiments staying there. They planned to call and signal those near military forces for help. That's when they were discovered by friendly war craft. Yet they were quick war craft, those enemy batteries stationary at the hillsides became actively violent, and the barrage over the skies started under thunderous flashes over the hill range. Smoke rose and covered the blue pass there, and sooner, those militant craft had overwhelmed the enemy regiment, and were able to reach the army camp here in a hurry. They had claimed both the land and the skies, with missiles at hand, and the rockets pointing at that far barricade. Now, those hostile troops had left their guns aiming at our's, but strained their operations further away from us and further beyond those hills. It was unknown why these war troops were fleeing us now. But in the meanwhile, both sides stood ready by their guns, regarding the lethal war.

The End

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