The Aftermath Of The Fighting

As we had awaited during the hour when the night casted over the sky, although there was a vivid burning glow along the directions of the country prairies, we watched motionless how the night engulfed the land, and there was the black of the earth and highlands. One black hill, standing remotely beyond the ravaged field, shot fiery flashes following violent concussions from its top vantage. ''There's a militant gun up there.'', Mr. Washington said. ''Not sure who's gun that is, but its sweeping the land over there with its shells.''.

I was dingy, and with a surely unpleasant cover of dry crust over me, the wind was colder that sleepless night. We still made it, the crater, our place for shelter, and it was determined that our movement, if we should survive, should be soon and without delay, across barron fields of smoke and wreckage, and evading the swift comings of near military guns. We could not think of coming out of that crater, since Mr. Washington was suspiciously regarding those misty areas around us, and the field was scattered with the black destruction of militant artillery and the haze of the wreckage smoke, which was like a thick fog about us, and that was the difficulty of our scope of sight. But on the meanwhile, everything that clustered us into our pit was dead and motionless, just as we seemed in the shadow of the earthly mounds. Anything that was within our reach of a few meters, was in a shroud, in a dark form of a pounder there and an idled shape of dead tree here. To me, my mind could only perceive the shapes of the dead land as ghostly forms, moving with the mist, growing in the shadows. With my muddied hand, I reached greatly under the cover of the soil, grasped at something ridgid and cold, and retreived it unto my eyes. It was, as it shined under the light of the moon, a metal object. Within the light of the burning glow to the horizon, I saw it was a smashed cartridge, golden and ripped by the head of its cylindrical shape. I kept that and continued watch over the ghostly landscape, vigilant under the night and its stars.  

The End

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