Earth Under The Woes

If it wasn't for the mercy of our solar companion, not much of individuals such as us would have been bearing the air of the wind along that barren country. Although there may be civilization to the east of us, to the south, and some of what is left of towns and villages to the north, wherever the sun has not striken ablaze would be good enough. The war to the east was not much but a common talk, even to those who have lost all from the world, and it was managed to reach the tidings across each landmass of Earth.

It was seen then that our greatest worry were both the astonomical perturbations over the sun, and it was at an amazing understanding to us, and the massive war in motion upon the Middle-East. That plague was still at the deepest depth of our weary minds, although that was a thing accustomed to through the enforcing of sterile maintanance, and it was, in a dramatic sense, important to have the water cleansed for drinking. The pathogen was not much worried about by the presently common people, not more than we did worry for bacteria from those long and old days. It was simply admired to keep watch of the skies now these days, in watch of what might be coming next, after humanity.

My humanity was at its most balanced, as I have seen most things as the usual occurance. Yet, those who kept their last days in scrutiny of the celestial body bayond the globe, a thing, a fear much graver than destruction caught the minds of they, and it was then that the heart had swollen to their throats. Those astronomers, our most probable living minds of trust and hope for the absolute of the mankind, were now in bad distress of the nearing body in space. As they noted of it, hundreds of miles into space, as it was, that heavenly body was at a full charge after this globe, they forcasted in their calculations upon its nature. Its reality was not of a sure matter, but, as it was noted, it held a physical mass of about three times the shape of our planet, in the probable density of Jupiter. It was real enough for those poor souls, now having to see our incoming fates, that such an astronomical entity, perhaps a comet they thought, could obtain such incredibly immense space within our inner circle of the Solar System. Passing Pluto firstly, then reaching the Belt and across, and as it was determined, was now currently passing Venus in alignment with our smaller planet. Within time, soon, sometime within the month, it was expected that the object may align between our world and the sun. By then it will be clearer than daytime, in the sky, still as the night moon. The reason for these calamities to our environment was too a mystery, but was determined to be in relationship with the coming projectile of space. The question was obvious in the higher fancy, in that, could this approaching object be the reason for these happenings? Not one of Earth's brightest minds could discern this interplanetary enigma.

Rock from the Belt had already been reportedly flung across space, in the cause of the incoming body. Some of the meteors shot through space had already struck Mars, and to see that the chaos of debris reached and demolished the extirior of the Martian surface, we had seen our coming turn, as the comet might do the same to us. Our gray moon, glowing pale at its valleys, had also been striken violently by a body of meteors and ice. It was to one hit that a mark of great impact was a sign of great force from those objects in space. Those which have been reaching Earth by a chance would have been desintigrated at the lower spectrums of the atmosphere, although it is only the luck of our time that we are granted. One critical scientific assertion was made at the head of the agregation, that ''we may as well be engaging into preparation before the first heavy strike of an asteroid reaches us,'', as was the assertion. Whichever way intelligent life would become extinguished, it was that darkness ahead of my sight of the future, as it felt like to my impression. Those days have already been determined about, now that the geographic awakaning was a present happening. As it was feared throughout the age, quakes were abrupt along the places of earthly movement, and there were awakenings at the ranges of mountains and volanoes, and there were monsterous storms, at behaviors considered alomst merciless with the advances of the floods and slashing tides, and also there was the heat, as I have made known since the first strike of the sun, which boiled the water from ice, shortened cold landmasses, and stunted agricultural harvest, which had brought upon us the death of the most valuable of food commodities.

I had seen no more of a day without fearful glances of the crimson skies, nor of a day without a seized shake of the mind or the air. I had seen, as all other intelligences had spectated of the dreaded goings, a constance of the danger nearing Earth after a destructive point. We were, surely, at the line of that linear body, only coming within inches of the end of that segment, and on our reach to that conclusion which is the point, we see what is only inches ahead of us, and that was our next arrival of things. Not many would have perceived such things like that, but made it an only matter at mind that their safeguarding would be insured. I saw, or thought, no such insurance of life within the future would exist, as I had witnessed the ending of many faces, of many people. Why should I be insured of existance within a condemned future, as I've seen the fate become determined for those many names, and as we know of our previous inhabitants of the reptilian ages? Have we not been granted the some fortune as they? It could only take, as I said, the last hour to understand for ourselves.        


The End

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