The Man From The Frontline

A day or so had come by, if my memory could remind me well enough, in that the man from the wilderness had fled a war tremoring to the south, and discovered us under salvage in the wooded location. He came raving across dead towns, eluding the troop guns, and he came to survive the many days of retribution since the Hit of the earth. ''They won't stop until they've got my scalp.'', he told us once.

When he had spoken with us about his escape from San Diego, the stranger continued in his approach to tell us about the combat going on there, and that ''San Diego has turned into a total battleground.''. That ravaged city laid 130 miles from our range of the north. By the wheel, within the week, we would come into exodus after Poway, ''25 klicks passing the highlands from the city.'', he said. ''By now, hell, who knows what has gone on around the state, or, good heavens, the entire world!'', he mentioned to us. In the two days of our eluding run, we hid in under the walls of a small cavern we found at a hill's side. We sat to eat what we had carried with us. There was meat we had cooked in the small fire we made, and with that, we brought a few squares of bread. We saved the water for sooner days. I noticed the grief of my people, although I felt none as I observed the constellations above.

In the morning, somewhere between 6 and 7 a.m., I heard the voices of that lost man and some of the men speaking about the stories of what whent on in those days within the scope of San Diego. ''Massive fights between each side of aiming pounders and war tanks, rolling fast across town squares and city junctions.'', as it was in the way he had explained. ''Waging war, two great oppositions, over earth, at sea, and in the skies. Great attacks of mass destruction and discharged warheads from our continental regularities. At least three warheads came upon the San Diego area, from what I have witnessed of the war. Whatever it's all about, the San Diego bay is an aim of a sort in the reach.''. Against the sky, blue and breezing, strips of white cloud scarred the spaces, and no birds were in flight. At the earliest of noon, a tremoring pound spoke in the direction of the north.

There was, surely, a storm growing slowly along the pale horizon colunm. ''It will rain badly.'', the stranger said, eating on the last of his meat slices upon his hands.

The End

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