The Eastern War 2

Hours after the noon time, when the sun sank along the horizon earth, the mountains were darkened about, and the land around that too. I saw the last of the gleaming sun by that direction of the setting, and saw in a glorious burning orange. This was at the time we had settled in for the rest that night, since in that night, we joined in a hunt through the woods, with the cellar rifles we found. ''Today, we cought ourselves enough goods to last us till the end of next week, and possibly the next one to come.'', the man said.

For the remaining time of that night-blue sky, I embraced the sight of the moon, in a crescent cut. The forestry around us was black, although the moon lit the land with some of its radiating essence. The cabin was dark and asleep, dead of sound and chanting in the noises of the night creatures. I thought about what could have been going about in the earth out there, probably unfamiliar by now, I assumed at the window, in all the destruction of the combat there that was not prevented. The guns whent by day, as it was thousands of miles across the oceanic region, on the opposite place of the world. The barrage of concussions and clatter shot across country sides at the Russian mountain reaches, and reaching life at earshot. Those warheads must have been in a strain to handle there, and those cities, invaded and attacked by foreign intrusions! What could those other countries have been doing, I wasn't sure of such assumptions. A sort of civil war must have already been at its start days ago, now across North Africa, and the middle-east. Who knew well, if by now, Japan would be waging combat across waters and along those islandic nations with rockets and sorts.

In our time reach, at 11:40 p.m., Asia was in bloody efforts at its own deffense against invasion, as sides released there deployments of lethal aircraft across the bordered expanses by daylight. Everything militant must have been rushed away into war, post-haste. Russia was at its best in setting foot its scores of troops in colonization of enemy fronts. The aim in Egypt was to place government again, and that is how it was for the surrounding countries in Northern Africa. Europe saw the struggle heading after them in uproar and possible warfare. Only chaos and fear struck them in the centered British concentration. By now, the United Kingdom had called forth upon the remains of this western nation in plea, that, ''If we shall fall, everyone will.'', as the Queen herself asserted throughout Europe and against the Russian republic's advances. The, those of Russia, drew their balistics forward firstly, and in steady aim to control the town places of China, who also held an arsenal of critical weapons across the country and by sea, where Korean intrusions brought their combat against sea-baring nations. The thinking in realization of the danger brought against us by the war was obviously enough centered upon those warheads, those missiles that were being brought to bare, yet waiting for the first shots of that pitiless war.

For what laid spared of our free state of liberty, those leading the rest of the national population had feared the concept, not of the war, but what of the war. It was feared, in Europe and in Russia, all following this concept, that the enemy countries may have sooner preperations for the things yet to come, things to come after the dreaded war. ''Chemical warfare!'', was the idea for the globalists of the nation here, who sought the forecasting of chemical warfare after the Eastern War should end. Then it was placed into thought, ''Biological warfare!'', which was the most taunting of all, and so on. I saw these stories from the front, and thought nothing about the chances being determined in human fate presently, but in excitement I was with some awkwardness of a fear, yet I was assured by our state of safeguarding, and did not want to reason much about it. By the moon's late fall, I was fast-asleep.

The End

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