The Eastern Wars

For the conflict to the east, far over the Atlantic, in eastern Asia, north of Africa, south of the Russian stronghold, with the little knowledge we obtained in those tidious days, the middle-east was alive in the barrages of guns and opposition in the waging nations of there. The warfare held there, night and day, time by time, could soon make its supremacy overseas, across the face of the world, and reach us here in the States, under our governmental distortion we endured at that age. The first of the deadly missiles that was shot for the Iranian people, which was, may I remind you, without intent within an accident, was in fault of the chaos of the radiation hitting our earth, and our technological workings. Yesterday, an unsure tiding was told here in the country side, that the second rocket was probably shot upon Japan, and that warfare will probably wage on against the far east, and onto the Pacific nations there, since the fight for resources was neccessery that year.

''They'll take on the whole world.'', I said for sure, perceiving that the things to come of the war in the east could strike us headlong here. During the war that day, news was little in the pursuit of it all, since the dying sun's eruptions destroyed all of our electric forms of contact, from place to place. What seemed to take action there, an effective outcome inflicted us here. I knew that the war was beyond destruction and terror, although it was strange that warfare was being held against fortified regions here, and yet these forces were not familiar to us. Establishment was dead, order was vanished, and, country by country, the powers of nations drew away into their destructive ends, and I knew that this one was on its way to entering a spiritless landmass. The Church was gone or going, life whent without value and right, and the armies gathered the most of those modern day guns and ambitions for the pending eastern wars.

If the sun should worsen, I thought, the wars should surely follow, and our plans to escape disaster were pointless now, now knowing that in an instant, life may end for us everywhere about the globe. Nevertheless, it was made to me that these were simple accusations about that remote world that clamoured afar from us. Men there could have been at it in the fight for mankind, or dying with a future without point. Children could have seen things as I had seen them here, although the war was heavy there, life could have been with pain there from the travesties of the wars. ''Where is God now?'', I asked, just as those other millions of distorted minds of the war must have dared to reason by themselves. When the war came, the human strive for reason was challenged into question. I had heard upon my mother speaking lonesomely in the house, as we called it then, and she said, ''How am I going to contenue now, theres nothing to do now for anyone.''. I took my thought to the place to the river, and again, from there I observed the sun move slowely across the blue of the sky.

The End

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