Fires Of The Sun

After breakfasting, I took my amusement outside, since even the best of the literature was vanished and forgotten. I came to play in activity by the little stream that rushed from the river and under the oak tree. I swung stones across it, and sunk all of the rocks I had thrown happily. I was tired and with the wet on my sleeves, I came and sat by the verge of the running river, swinging my legs diligently, and I suppose I took my eyes after the gleaming sun high in the sky, just above the morning's orange horizon glow. Through the branches, where the squirrels fought and scurried, the sun was shining through, and it was possible to watch the sun warm us. I came into fancy about how things were for the sights in space. ''Flares and blazing waves.'', I thought.

Although the wind was at peace here, where I relaxed my thoughts, in space, 95 million miles away into void, the solar winds erupted viciously, in monstrous significances, in invisible blazing waves of solar winds, shocking those other worlds' surfaces and atmospheric conditions. Our sent Hubble, miraculously alive out of orbit, sent the last of its photographic signals to earth, where those infernal winds shot through space and struck us headlong. Deadly fires were soon brought about in the dawn of the apocalypse, among those other destructive powers that had taunted the planet since.

That malicious war that arose to the middle-east, after a warhead was launched under accidental circumstances when the first of the eruptions impacted the eastern hemisphere, was at an end, yet unpredictable in nature. It was possible, many thought, that the greatest war to be fought yet would uprise from the esatern region, and that this, surely, would end the earth. The Waves of space had too caused warfare about the African continent and in the southern Americas. It was bloody, the wars, although no possible strain would rise among the American continent, because of the plagues that had happened, in cause of the fires of the sun.

The End

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