Freedom With A Price

I stood there, waiting for the rest of the group to stop and stare, that what had called to our eyes and hearing, a rising blaze of a monstrous cloud, a second detonation, the closest fiery strike I had ever seen, in the town, with its brilliance barely blinding me away out of sight. The enemy armies had bombarded our town. In an instant, they had struck , out of the succsess of their plans. Out from the expansion of that lively explosion, in Fisher Crown, in that instant, within the twinkle of my eye, the torrent of the rushing flames and of the fiery eruption had swept away, in a raging speed, the town of building and concrete, of houses and structures, of the tent compounds and of the forest trees, into burning cinder and violent fire, all in an instant.

The wind, in an instance of a pair of seconds, of a rushing inferno, had , in a brutal wave escaping the rising ball of fire to the eastern country, made the place into a torrent of flaming mounds and flattened, dark earth. After that quick combustion, the growing mass had reached a tamed rumble, and swallowed its shine again, away from the sky. I saw that the clouds were departing away from the reaching blow. Flocks were escaping the flaming woods nearby, and along the wildlife, the frightened fugitives made their way quickly across the untouched flatlands. ''Don't look, just keep runnin!'', shouted my father. I ran, running away from the sight of that blinding terror which shook the ground and quaked my heart in its mighty thunders. As I started in my fleeing, I contenued, without pause or a turn to watch my old trails, in frantic sprinting following my gathering, without tire or stop. In my thinking, I was faint in the excitement of the running, but only thought in the danger of stumbling upon, and receiving another pound of a detonated blast. Yet, until high noon, not a thunderous clash was awoke in the distance. A man in the group demanded that we should stop by a rushing river, where one cabin laid by the water silently.

''Oh goodness.'', a woman said. ''This should be it, our stop.''. We agreed without an argument, and discussed to remain there until the smoke on Fisher Crown was settled completely, then we shall contenue away from that California country. That wooden abandoned cabin, in it, we found food, specialy kept safely, but not enough in the amount to sustain us within the coming week. During the night, we worked in figuring our plans to hunt our food, and to gather our resources. My father decided to establish plans to send some of us in search for other people, or if possible, civilization. Nevertheless, we were in bliss of our freedom from the criminal law. The men, although, three of who which were native to Fisher Crown, were in reasoning to what might be happening now, in fault of the fatal attacks. I sat by the old window, one of the few that we had available, and watched as the moon rose from one side of the hemisphere to the top.''I hope no one should find us.'', I said to my secluded rest, slowely being seized by sleep.


The End

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