We Shall Envy The Dead: Book 2

I had seen, in the presence of those other many alienated minds of earth, those horrors the armed militants and the rest of the arrived devastations: the diseases and the eruptions, had placed upon in the fancy of the living inhabitants of earth, yet, miraculously alive after the year of these exterminations of everything common and those things considered joyous. Jungles were no more, vanished like the older world, out of the human want, and exsess industrialism out of the human need, in the warring spirit of a declining race in the age of the apocalypse, and to know that such sins over the earth were not done absolute, it was, wise to think, without point to live a life now, in the same as an ant under the men. Faces of the world were turning to poison and polluted places, and the born war across the Atlantic way distorted the green environments siting there.

Over those earthly things, other governmental matters arose to totalitarian enpowerment, establishing the destruction over our constitutional lifestyle and democracy. Surely, I knew, this country, that deluded those, now dead, millions of free men, was steping steadfastly into the approaching police power, or whatever it was that consumed the old union.

Now the stars, the moon, and those bird crowded skies that happen now about, could be, slowely coming into place, our next, or perhaps, permanent thing of hope and wonder, that should feed us our definition of life on earth. At the times that the wide of the moon would come upon my sight, I should ask of it reasons and the things of life. Should we be lower now, now that we have no fortune into a feasible future? Perhaps, as I thought at once, it is the rule, or way, of an unnecesary state of being, as it is for the momentous existances of flies over other beasts. This, now, was not just to me clearer and unbelievable, but it was to those others who I have been seeing, living around me, anguished with those now departed dreams of the past, in the idea of a useless place of being.

The End

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