Human Devastation

''Holy mother, it's a nuke, they nuked us.'', said a man looking alongside my father's shoulder. ''Hell, its bright, very bright.'', said another. As the blazing sun would dawn at early daytime, the ball of collected smoke and fire compiled itself with force and a fiery, thunderous power forewardly expanding above the sea, in a glorious energy of a sun-like luck. The vivid blow, heard in clamour across miles of wilderness and ocean islands, could have blinded me, as our sun does every high noon, but the night, and the proximity of the detonation away from our placement, had chanced out the terrible force of the nuclearly generated bomb, which I saw was generating in great concentration against the top sky, in a red, crimson blank radiance, reviving the darkness of the night.

I caught that the women cried and the men were almost with weeping expressions, in the horror that we were present to behold by the eye. ''No, it shouldn't be. It just can't.'', I muttered as I sighted the growing gleam of the diobolical flame. I thought then, that this devastation against humanity, is capable of even more deadly fortunes, and my ideas of finding peace in my life, dumbfounded by this infliction aloud, roaring onto my ears.

I saw that the rumbling burst, safely afar into sea, was dying out into a luminous volume of smoke. I saw the luminescense deepen back into the black of the night, after the shape of the darkening cloud. The horrible wonder, the murderous marvel, I remembered it as such, was immediately released into the ocean verge ahead, where another barrage of gunships laid fighting, invisibly, and annihilated our convoy of four warships. Quickly, it was set to thought that those unseen antagonists would soon call us to extermination, yet when we had nothing in movement but the devastation at sea, of our lifeless ruins in wreckage.  

The End

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