The Detonation Ahead

For some time now, the sea was in the reckage of the sinking titans of gunships, expelling the massive arms of smoke and ash against the sunset. Those dark figures against the gleaming sky were somehow lit below by the blazing fires of the firing of our rockets against them, and for that day, the battle was won, but the war, I imagined, still lingered in the minds of those who sighted the explosive engagements at sea.

To me, the night was coming at peace, and thought about how no danger coming from the military guards could befall upon us that time. I also figured that the town must have been working in the effort to recooperate at sea. When the darkness of night shifted over us, the sky over the town was slightly lit with the lights of busy workers and aerial craft above.

The port was thick in lively activity, along with the problems of the blazing ruins. I still had been able to catch the stars of the night yonder, and a man staying with us in the tent place had explained to me the passing stars and a comet in the high heavens. ''Look, at this time and place, thank goodness, I can already see Mars and Venus, and that streak near Orion, that is a comet, I suppose.'', he mentioned to me, directing me to the proximeties of space. He sat along the others around the bright lamp on the ground. We rested around the place of the warming lantern, since the breeze was cold that night. We played our cards with the sounds of rumbling craft, and told things in the worry of a colder breeze. Yet I saw these people, togeather, unoticed of the looming complications of the solar goings or the militant proceedings.

In the mere silence of that country region, a sudden pound in a far distance, in the presence of a shinning light, alerted us out of our caged tents. Immediately, commoners were outside by the tents, watching in the worst of the horrors of the apocalyptic devastations, a billowing cloud of light, gleaming fiery and loud across the country night, blinded the seaward place, out into the waters, where a blazing detonation roared among the dark gulf of waving water. It was a brilliant mass, as a gental rising puff of smoke, arose peacefully out of the horizon in brilliance. ''What, what is that, a bomb?'', my mother had barely said in fear of the amazing light ahead.

We realized by an instant what it was, but unsure if it was in cause of the sun, although we also saw that the sun was gone. The antagonists had drawn their mighty attack onwards, against the sea goers afar, and illuminated the darkness greatly. 

The End

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