The War Begins 3

Along the shoreline ridge, plumes were alive with the fire of the intrusion onslought of shells and artillery. Five pounders were left active to the head of the shore ridge, and many of those hurried tanks had attained to the port armies. The casualties were heavy in numbers, and the Carter, that day, was conjested with the injured and the dead men. The battle was still there, but short living in the siege for the coast town. At this time, nearly sunset, one naval warship was still at sea, as the reckage of the two others were left submerged under the chopping waves, and in flames.

Three significant clowds of leaning smoke engulfed the clearity of the yellow sky, in the cause that the two enemy battleships were overthrown, and our port place stayed in ruin. The contenuence of concussions was vivid, in that the bombardments were everlastingly going. The war seemed to die for some time, and the contenue for the day. It was seen that the invading ship was giving in time by time, after it was hammered by the pounders' shelling. Men had taken their guns and armed a vesssel, and in decision to interpose the dying ship, and to ''seize one of their's''. Headwards, the fridgets advanced again against the opposition of the sea, and with the guns, glittered the iron warship with a ruthless gunfire.

One of the gunship's turrent cannons were disabled and a side of the boat was slashed by a speeding rocket, one of the many which sprang from under the waters. Then, the hammering of the incomings from the gunship's were halted, and caught before the confines of the town place were demolished. A massive, billowing ball of flame and smoke arose from the looming warship, and it was then that it was declared the fall of the last intruding ship. I saw, as many did, the great blazing smoke reach the sky in silence, with the peace of the deadened weapons and artillery gunners, within the brilliance of the sinking, orange-blazed sun of that  horizon.

The End

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