The War Begins 2

In the hour of the bombardment, the firefight of the port guns had tidiously seized, and only a dark cloud was casted over the sea and the shoreline about the fighting vessels. An omnipotent force which possesed the forewarding power of the enemy, had also halted into the slashing of the waters, with one gunship vanishing as it sunk. Over my head fled the birds astounded by the malicious hammering and the destruction of the clattering guns. Things that had heard the pounding fights reached, in a distant fear, from the highland places to spectate upon the confusion of the port armies. At last, one of the huge, swaying war boats was wrecked by the shells of the port pounders, and those two others where undoubtingly overwhelmed by our gunfire. The ten raging fridgets had released their machine gunfire, and slowed a coming warship, and as it was like in a battlefield, the sea was alive with deadly crossfire.

To our perception, it was a generation of thunderous flashes and roaring gunfire, everything at once in a confused storm of utterant fire and sudden smoke. The lightning of the artillery smashed the one gunship awaiting at shore, and its smoke blackened the sky across the townplace. Those soldiers hurried across and around the seaside, working the ammounition fire and in the deliverance of our heavy power.

''Go along, keep the security at an alert!'', shouted the men about the road here, in astonishment of the contention. The road was also in excitement over the safeguarding of the town's borders, and men and women, and the children, were spectating from outside their tentplaces and through their gated fences. A traffic was formed of moving war tanks down the road and dispatching troops in a steady approach into the town. I was in wonder, of the arousment of the chaotic happening at sea and in the town, as the crying of the sirens arose from a far distance, in warning of the advancement over the coming, hostile intrusion.
































The End

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