Serenity Square

On our turn of the call for the take, we whent hungry, but without resisting at all. I was still dumbfounded by my encounter of the massacre, a near miss it was. We saw swiftly what they were going to do, and we saw that they were going to transport us into the town. It was unclear of what took place there, but it was in a peaceful manner that things were kept there by the militant guards. In a heavy going truck, they moved us ahead, passing tent and fence. A company of three guarded tanks passed us, heading into the opposite way, after the forest fences. Proceeding passed a larger compilation of fence and cage, we entered into the safety of the town, while in all its tranquility, yet dead and quite abandoned. Shops and markets were overthrown of the food and goods that used to occupy shelves and businesses. It seemed that still after our social clamor, nothing was sold, or even worth selling by the money. Walkways were unoccupied and the streets were strangely unused.

Much of the place was nearly in ruin, but only in glass and great litter and signs from the nights of the panic, many had hung over the roads in warning of the coming days. A number of speaking posts were planted at each street corner, as alarms seemed to have been, and from there the announcements were told. We came by the church and we settled there under the lead of two major officers, with beating sticks and without masked faces and armor. ''Excuse me, I am major Turvet, and we will lead you in donating your time in helping the army in reconstructing the foundries of this town. Without civil order, you all would have surely died in the plague, or under the sun. Help us in reacomodating at Serenity square near the mayor's building, and you will be helping us in having an easier task, under orders of the U.S. army.'', stated the officer. ''Where's mayor Patterson!'', objected a woman of the group. We saw in half astonishment , and began to perceive as she had. ''Excuse me mam, mayor Patterson is in a refuge out of the state, our order is swift and primary, as the order is.''. A stranger came up and said, ''Why are you killing us off and beating us!''. ''It is my duty to follow the commander's requests, against anyone who resists and attempts to engage in violence. It is necessary for the use of our deadly force'', said the other man in command, reminding us about their power over the guns. 

The End

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