The Ultimate Agenda

''They had envisioned this to happen, now your glorious nation has fallen to the feet of its own governance, commiting crimes, as you see out there, against its own people.'', the man said. ''The greatest of plots I have ever come to hear, in my opinion. After years of conjuring the most imaginative of common enemies the nation could bare, they, I think, have finaly come around in the absolute control of us, and they have! They new of the disasters and those yet to come, our provisional securities, the outcome of it all, yet they did nothing. Why would they try, when the smaller the body of us, the less difficult is the problem. An easy form of rule.'', he declared. He smoked for a moment and his face was determined in his words. He said, ''Imagine when they've finaly got all hold of us with guns and poisons, the world becomes adjusted and nobody's gonna dare to object, that's when we'll lose the fight for good.''.

A man asked him to continue his reasoning, which was bringing us a delight in mind, and he said, ''Now they'r just taking us in a rush, with guns and capturing us, all of those still left alive on the earth. They'll gather us, and mayby martyr some of us to make us less, and they'll split us up gladly like money, and pervading our bodies with things and devices and drugs, and poisoning our minds with abominations of thoughts, ideas, or some general thinking, just like communism or terrorism or racism among the republic. Surely, they'll turn the world to themselves, and everything for themselves, in to a society completely composed of prisoned singularities, without rights, not a problem, no free mind in sight. The worst will be for the coming generations of children, already grown into a world of one simple dreaded thought, forced upon them from birth, becoming whatever the world order would want them to be: combaters, leaders, or followers. More praise for them anyways, you see.''.

''They wont do that, they'll fail at it.'', said a woman. ''They have already started, since civilization whent through and all, an agenda here and there, about control of things and people, and they'll disrupt control of religion for themselves, until someone should reach the chair in the top of the pyramid. The most shameful thing to come is if somehow, in the fault of this grown empire and the dictatorships, the entire world, all wholey, and everything, is destroyed, ended up dead in the end of the story of man over this planet, with the bombs and plague or so.'', and the man was lowered in his eyes, as I could see, from the ways of his reality. ''I've prayed to God,'', he said, ''and hoped for my wife and my children that they should be with me always, but on that terrible day of the sun, they were killed in the blasts, playing outside in the yard of our little home, with the dog, and I was reading, and saw the horrible light that blinded me almost, and had consumed my family, as I whent to see.'', and the man, sorrowing with the tears of his broken eyes, strengthened himself up, and said, ''I sure have no one left by me, and now I just hope for nothing, not even myself. If I should die, well, that will simply be the end of my existance, nothing of a matter no more, not anymore.''.    

The End

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