The Occupation Of The Plague

Beyond the time of the worldwide revolution in nature and governance, it was never found, surely, how the plagues arose to the movement of human civilization, shortly soon after the solar detonations from space struck the face about the planet, delivering great infliction to our surface aproximations of great cities, vast gulfs, and harming atmospheric layerings over the skies. To only few men, the find was done that those dreaded flames ejected onto Earth brought a terrible radio active wave of minute particles, destroying electricly sustained technology, bringing a great heat with fires, and producing an incalculable shift on earthly matter composition and the biological formation of organic things. From this, by the humans themselves, the plague was formed from within those reached by the radio activity, out of their own bare genetics, in which the plague was opened.

After the tragedies of the Waves touched the world widely, scarce word on the destruction of a nearing plague yet to lower populations made it after nation to nation, being topic of news in the works of exploration of scientists, before the collapse of our global balance. Now in the absence of a structured order, with a world vulnerable to any atroucity known by the steady mind, those spared in the the leading top managed to access great control, cheifly corrupt, and a policing power over the American establishment of free people. Soldiers, an elite never familiarized by anyone else, appeared about our unions and leaderships. Enough were they strange, in order's new agenda for all remaining commoners, swept away by the change of the century, into hands of a strange new guidance.

When authority was seen, commanding the living of the last to breathe, it was shown, that no school provided, not a hospital existed, nor did a reliant source of hope stood for a new cause of good for the people. If this would indeed engulf the world, swallowed up out of liberty and right, taken out of faith and belief, we have clearly been destined for an age of a dark perception of world peace. With this, the plague, so dreadfull in taking the living out of life, also came into a sort of persuit, on our contenuance about the country green. 

The End

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