A Miraculous Miss

Minutes passed in the wait of the hide from the militants. The rumble of heavy boots lingered above us in the dark. The floors shook, where the man has been wounded and arrested away. ''Seak the rest, they must be here somewhere.'', commanded their cheif, also masked in black. Our concern was close in coming true, that they may discover the doors to the cellar. Suddenly, my spying view was darkened by a large form, which was a guard. We were covered again in the dark, hearing the talking of soldiers over us. A shriek stunned me, but it was one of the women in intense terror.

''Please, Summer, be silent or he'll see us.'', said another. Surely, the form of the guard had moved over us and into the kitchen place, with heavy leathered boots of black shine crushing the glass. We perceived him in stopping, and then observing the kitchen space. ''Nothing.'', he said, and we were saved and spared.

Hearing the leaving of the steps, I peered over the leveled floor, which was to my neck, and saw no one, knowing that they had gone completely. ''Thank God, that was too close. We could have been found, then what would happen?'', Mr.Garcia had said, having used to be my professor in those days of school. My father turned, assured, saying,''I don't think anyone would like to know what would happen then now a days.''. Gladly, we diligantly left to the halls, silent with wind. We quickly hurried to go and fill ourselves with as much cargo as we could take. Water and beans, and some spoons, I hurried to take. These would make a quick filler, and enough for the road again.

The people divided to find and take more needed essentials about the building. One of the children girls whent off into the storage place, looking for school candy. She came over to the door,into the bright outside, in full sight of a lean dog. She was idled for some time, before she would approach the thing. When she did, its leash was lifted and appeared a guard, in gleaming black, armored and armed, in black shining boots. ''Hey!'', he stated, when her father found the meet. From our place, everybody gathered in the yard, a cry was heard and then a shot, clear and loud. The people became anxious with instance to the happening, and a few brave men whent to find the shot. They, along with the other people who heard, came to loud barking of the dog, over the dropped militant who held it. The girl was alive, but indeed there were two shots, and one struck the father. The other, of the man's well kept gun, had killed the soldier in his mask, claiming him by the neck. The dog stayed yelping over the circle of red filling ground outside.  

The girl cried, spotting her father, in his suit of work, before the devastations, unmoving on the floor on his own spillage of blood over his inflicted chest. We went as fast as we could on foot, then by wheel on the hidden bus, with tears, but greatfull of our escape of the dreaded guns that searched for us, in the escape of the masked police.

The End

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