A New Law

There, in the Harrison H. school campus, we arrived to make the location ours in refuge, vigilantly away from the armed forces, which at the time, they had infested entire regions of civilization. Inside, with glass-scattered grounds, and empty and under dust, the broad location of the campus seemed tollerable to the group of fugitives we went with. Away from the alienation of the extinguished movements of the town, we I felt the worry no more, but to only wonder of what is to come for us now. Throughout the idled halls and classes, rodents, fast and hairy, squrried about. Some of the people went down the old halls, silently gladdened and wandering with the assurance of a home.A caffeteria hid behind woodened barracades of a previous use in a gone time. Some of the people found a glory of untouched food, cans and a vast collection of water. A few fellowes went on room to room, and surely, they found more essentials and goods with an excitement. I, wandering the halls, found the lockers of students' books shut and closed, as some of the classes were. A favorite of my reads was on the ashened floor, and many of the children's staples was this book.

On one side of the flat structure, a strip of windows displayed the playing yard and the town ahead. From the door, I viewed two dark forms rising from the wilderness of the forest. These were the terrible plumes consuming tree and bush with fire, and across the country line, a strech of blazes slashed along uncontrollably. Then I saw, fearing what this could now be, the menace of the enforcers coming over this way, and square and dark were their vehicles of military posession. Nearing us, I made frantic yells to warn the others of the arrival of the masked troops. Some people in the classrooms heard the noises of men and their guns and heavy engines arriving. They came along the school yard with their black, combatant trucks. We gathered in haste in a dark, wet room below. We feared them, knowing them as we are fugitives in the eyes of the law, and in panic we went. ''Go on, search quickly!'', as orders shot across the square and with stealth they did with their guns. A thin line of visibility was near my shoulder , and in the dark, I spied on them, the men in shining black. ''Oh God help us.", prayed the woman Mary and the children crying.

In the dark, we discovered in horror the absence of the driver who brought us. The man was in the hall, searching for us. Then the man was quickly seized with force to his surprise. They struck and battered him on the ground, slowly bleeding on the head. My mother nearly shrieked,when my father silenced her. A masked officer struck him like a brute, and he seemed unmoving. As we knew, this, yet to be, is your coming mastery of justification over this fallen nation and by those who brought it about. Now to us, this we all realized, as they beated him mercyless, that danger is everywhere, and followes the damned of the Earth, with no toil to arrest them.

The End

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