Our Arrival

Within an hour of travel, while the arguments were tamed, signs of blazing fires appeared in the horizon towards the settlement in clouding smoke. Steadfastly, we saw civilization ahead. It was wide and remote within forest regions. Beyond were the green brushed mountains, and a hill with its smoking fires. Further down the road, we began to see memories of a swift traffic twards the town, when indeed these were the remains of the rusted steal of past life times, before this tragity. At one time, my mother spotted one steal-blackened car, nearly ancient, holding a skeletal case, far long dead since the solar explosions.

Down the road, the driver, tired in the voyage, saw dark humps littering the road and the field along it. My father, excessively exhausted, with binauculars detected the charred remains of people throughout the road. The bus had stopped, and the cunductor said,'' Alright, place all the children into the center of the bus, and cover your windows from them.''. My mother and father took and placed me and my brother, Kevin, in the middle of the bus, without a view of the outside. The men and women darkened the outside with their bodies, concealing their children from the horror of the catacomb road. Some time passed, and they had all finally sunk into rest, as we were slowly guided throughout the emptied streets of that secluded town. It was void of life, or either dead or abandoned, and without a familiar sound of human activity.'' Only dogs and crows.'', said a man, stained with the wet of his crimson face. Rats had infested the stores and houses here in the town, with the dreaded presence of the long gone dead.

The End

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