Zero Population

How could it be any more difficult to understand  that I was alone, that I was the only living man on Earth to have survived the end. What else could I have believed in, seeing that the last of us were killed, watching the falling red skies, the burning sun scorching the Earth's surface, the land gone to molten waste, and seeing that the whole world had gone completely unrecognizable. How could I believe just a bit that someone, some other human being could still be walking the Earth alive and well, when the devastation of our planet told the truth clearly.

As I crept out of the rocky pit, the air was hot, barely breathable, and the brilliance of the sun quickly stopped me from continuing. I looked ahead, across inflamed the landscape and saw the horizon in a yellow void, and the sky above it was burning in red and ablaze in toxic smoke. Streaks of flame came down from the sky up high now and then, and periodic poundings shot across the land in quakes. The flaming meteors were falling from a far distance, and so I was safe for then. Yet, away from those things, there was that comet, Wormwood, going across the sky at slow intervals, and also bright and seemingly inflamed. It was a monstrosity simply visible overhead, and powerful as it shot a radiance of strong heat. It was like a red burning torch flying across the sky, between us and the sun. Mostly, it was all together like a bad storm.

All around me, the region seemed unrecognizable. The hills had been destroyed, the land was almost misshapened by the meteor strikes and the earthquakes. Flaming smoke and toxic haze blocked sight of the eastern horizon. It seemed hopeless. At the hour, I could go nowhere and do nothing but pray hastly. I gazed up, and the comet seemed warmer than before. The air was becoming hotter. The oxygene became thinner. Carbon was filling my lungs. I began to hesitate and gasp. In a flash of seconds, I realized something was happening. Out of panic I leaped from the pit and into the open, quickly I was burned by the light. I stumbled to the ground. My throat was tightening and I was gasping wildly. My legs could barely lift me up and my vision was becoming hazy. I felt that I was dying. Although, while still alive, I found it deep in my strength to drag myself into safety.

I watched the sky darken in shroud, and I saw the land burning lifelessly. Sluggishly I crawled painfully from the pit into a damp cave. The rocks under me roasted. I managed to pass the boiling ponds of mud and the molten lakes belching with fire and deadly fumes that would have killed me if I would have stayed behind. Looking forward, I saw the light of hope that was the big cave ahead. When I escaped into the cave, I fell with both an exhausted body and a cheerful sense that I was still alive. ''Good, I should be safe now.'', I said. My body was painfuly soar with bloody scrapes and burns, my face was black with smoke dust. I felt burning all over and nauseous from being choked. I raised my hands to my eyes, and saw them bloody and inflamed. I wagged my fingers and they stung. It hurt to move, so I sat in the dark, watching the land as the sun whent by gleaming unto my face, and the comet flying by like a wicked fire. The land, as it was, was no longer familiar, and could not capture the eye's sight any more easily with its bewildering view. The earth had become volcanic, alive and quaking but dead and wasted, ruined and hopeless. How could mankind continue from here on even with a glimmer of life's hope in his heart? How could I, one man, revive the world?

The planet may have been extinguished lifeless, but as I continued to assure myself I was still alive and standing strong, my world seemed bright with hope. The world could not continue on its own, but at least I still could by myself, alone, the last man on the Earth to have survived the end, with a cheerful mind and a chance in life, knowing something important: I have survived.

The End

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