We Shall Envy The Dead 2: Ending Day

Following the interplanetary disasters upon the solar system, Earth strained for survival during its darkest of times in history. Entire civilizations fell to ash and ruin as nations collapsed under terrible distress of the forces of nature. Now the fate of man is grown vague as ''Wormwood'' positions into space and threatens the globe as we falter into a new era of survival, and into a new age in history. With only the savage struggles of human society remaining only hope can revive mankind.

Wormwood arrived today, as we have heard it first from the rebel stations in San Diego. The combat there, I've heard, was very bad. It was bad enough to see wounded soldiers brought from San Diego: carnage as far as the earth itself, gunnery beyond count, desolation without bounds. My post may not have been dispatched for San Diego, and I may never had seen the war, but I doubt that it was any visual excitement for the poor soul we all are today, I imagined. Nevertheless the ongoing barrage, I had my amazing chance to see Wormwood the comet hanging in the sky; it was like a red flaming moon, fully round and in a solar blaze, like a wicked halo, although I found it so heavenly and terribly outlandish. It scared all the soldiers here, and was barely reaching prospect to artillery units far off into the eastern mounts. I bet they must have been shocked out of their wits, right where they stood with their guns on patrol.

I was on patrol at about early evening, when the sky was at its bluest and the trees where glimmering brightly. I, along with the two platoons of American militants left here in the ruins of what we thought was a town somewhere between California and Arizona, scavanged for some promising territory where we could establish clandestine bases and military camps under the enemy's nose. Although, as we could settle into a safeguarding resistance, men died of the natural illnesses of the state of combat, and of the Plague, which was just as strange to us as it was to those who were still alive in bigger populations. The Plague was beyond horrible, it was damnation! No one could control it, neither diminish it. This plague was, how some soldiers of the army told, radio active, and it was in this form that the human body became mutated in tissue and organ, in flesh and blood. It was not like a contagion, nor like a virus, it only caught those who fell under the radiation of space, from the sun, in certain parts of the nation, and of the world about. Now that Wormwood was in its charge over Earth, it could do the exact same thing in killing people, and animals as well. This is one element in the starvation that came over us, as farms where turned into irradiated cadaver sites, and lifestock depopulated. Even the single bite from an irradiated fruit meant instant suffocation or stroke to the victim. We were very much unfortunate in many directions, and our options were being weighed. 

The End

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