We Shall Envy The Dead

Nearing an apocalyptic climax on Earth, few of the many who fled the devestation of the solar blasts struggle to escape the hardship of martial law, social disorder, and each other.

Between two roads, orderly troops stood vigilant before the sun and took watch over the pass. They were of new dispatch, but familiar by the faces masked in black, shinning plastic. With guns they halted the bus and the spirit that sustained us dropped. My mother was with fear in her eyes realizing the horrible danger these people of the army were. They revised the vehicle and had already seized a man inside, and he struggled in the arrest, stating,'' You can never control our lives!'', but no one regarded him in his plight, for we feard the guns of the new law. We contenued on the proceeding wheels of the bus over the tree-populated country. There, towns were wildly ravished of food, expensive goods, necessities and of human presence. Yet, this was truly visible, fugitives from the city migrated gravely into illegal divisions of the country forests, and there they made secret their refuge for as long as they had felt that until the world would finaly come to a balanced peace society.

'' For how long now?'', one man said. But the conducter replied with an utterant sound. '' Hey, I said for how long!''. '' I don't know mister.'', the conducter uttered. We were in silence for some time, then a woman said interrupting the travel, '' We wont make it, were gonna die.''. ''Dont say that Mary, the children.''. She became angered and asserted, '' They'll kill us alright, martyrs in the time of the Lord, and if that dosn't claim us all, then the sun shall along with its plagues!''. '' Please, people stop, we will be safe in His hands, and with each other, we will accomplish.'', said brother Fredrick. When he said this the bus was abruptly halted and the driver stood into objection. '' Dont you people know, theres nothing left for us out there but death, you see!'', and he directed his finger to the forest side, in the ditches, and there were bodies, people, hundreds dead along the road twards our destination, taken days ago of their lives by the Plague, and without a thought, I was reminded by the terrible thing that our mercyfull creator had casted upon us in trial over Earth.

The End

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