No Rent for Six Months

"Honey?" Issac whispered to himself.

He was standing at the front desk of a nice hotel. The lady on the other side of the counter had just called him "honey." He rubbed his forehead, brushing along his eyebrow.

This doesn't make sense, he thought. The lady looked familiar to him. He had thought that maybe she was working when he checked in. He turned his head and gazed outside through the front entrance. The day was well along, so it was unlikely this lady had been working last night. She would have had to work at least a twelve hour shift.

Hotels don't do twelve hour shifts, he thought, his head beginning to hurt. He lowered his head toward the counter, grabbing onto the edge of it with both hands.

"Isaac, are you okay?" the lady asked, the expression on her face acquiring ever more concern. "Did you sleep well?"

"I slept like a rock," Isaac responded, keeping his head down. A moment later he stumbled over to a near by lobby sofa. The lady came to his side, placing her hand on his shoulder.

As she sat down next to him, she said, "Something's wrong. What is it?"

"This may sound strange, but I have no memory of last night."

The lady smiled, pulling her hand off his shoulder. "Well, you did have a few drinks." She shifted on the cushion, straightening herself a little. "We went to bed about 10 PM, and I had to be at work this morning at 7 AM."

"So, you work here?"

"Yes, dear. For about a year now. Since we got married," she said, rubbing his upper back. Isaac didn't have anything to say. He was trying to take everything in, which was becoming more difficult as time went on.

I have no memory living in a hotel, he thought. Was his memory gap from last night not the only memory loss?

Eventually, he had a question. "This may sound like a weird question. Why do I live in a hotel?"

"You must have drank more than I saw," she said, laughing. "We live in a hotel room because there is no rent."

"How long?"

"How long have we lived in the hotel?" she asked back, raising her eyebrows.  "Six months."

"And, no rent the whole time?"

The familiar yet almost a stranger of a lady shook her head slowly.


The End

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