The doctor that they had seen earlier re-entered the waiting room with a nurse by his side,  and Carrie Krieger and her boyfriend stood up anxiously. The doctor was wearing an unnerving and inappropriate smile as he walked to them.

“How is she, Doctor Barry?” Carrie asked.

“Your sister’s condition is interesting, Ms. Krieger.” The doctor said joyously. “She seems to think that the world is going to end soon. It’s funny, isn’t it? Like something right out of Terminator 2.”

The nurse beside him gave him a warning look, and he continued: “Of course, it isn’t really funny when it’s happening in real life. But I assure you, we are going to do everything in our power to…”

“So she’ll have to be admitted into the institute?” Carrie asked.

“Oh yes, certainly. I’m afraid Genelia’s sanity is a bit questionable at the moment. It may be nothing, but I doubt it. We’ve got nurses running various tests on her right now and they should be able to give us a better idea. Meanwhile, I’d like you to tell me if anything has happened to Genelia recently. Something major, like the loss of a loved one, perhaps?”

“Our mother died a year ago, but Genelia was never really close to her. Besides me, she has no other family. Although I’m not sure, I don’t believe that she was involved in a relationship recently. She’s just so devoted to her work.”

The doctor took down some notes and continued.

“Any eccentric behavior on her part lately? I mean, before you found her muttering to herself about the world ending.”

“Well, we live in different states, so we don’t meet often, but we keep in touch through the internet and I call her almost daily. But this last month, she didn’t take any of my calls, and didn’t even come online. I thought that maybe my little sister was in some kind of trouble, so I told Sam to drive us to her apartment. Before we rang the bell, we heard her voice from inside. She was talking about the apocalypse, saying that it was very nearby, and that this was ‘it’, that the end was near.

“We rang the bell a few times, but she just wouldn’t open. I was very worried about Genelia, so I told Sam to break it open. And that’s where we found her…” She trailed off, sobbing softly. Sam comforted her.

“It’s all right, honey.” Sam reassured her.

“So you found her there, pacing around the room, talking to herself about the apocalypse?” Doctor Barry prompted.

“Y-yes. She kept reading from some notes, and she played this audio cassette that sounded like gibberish. She looked terrible, like she hadn’t eaten in a week. We had to drag her to get her into the car, and we weren’t sure what we should do. Then I remembered that Drewport Mental Institute was not too far away. So we brought here, and that’s it.”

Doctor Barry smiled.

“Thanks a lot, Ms. Krieger. You have been a big help. I assure you that I will work to the best of my capabilities to make sure that your sister feels better soon. You can take care of the official paperwork at the front desk with Mr. Lowe.”

Doctor Barry shook hands with them, and then trotted off in the direction of the Observation Room, looking at his file. He guessed he wouldn’t have to go home to watch a sci-fi flick, for there seemed to be one playing before his very eyes. He smiled to himself. Genelia Krieger was a very interesting patient.

The End

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