"Look, this really isn't necessary, I'm sure it's nothing."

Anna batted his hand away and she clutched the phone to her ear. "It's not nothing Charles, you're can't remember an entire month, what if it's some kind of tumo- oh hello doctor, yes, no, not for me, it's for my husband. When he woke up this morning he couldn't remember the date, he thinks it's last month and he doesn't remember any of it. Yes, right away, please. Thank you."

She looked at Charlie with her hands on her hips. "It's done now, the doctor is coming right away."

"You're just wasting his time. It'll come back in time, I'm sure I'm just tired or something, ate some bad fruit after getting back from my, errr, my trip."

Anna rolled her eyes. "I hardly think a bad sandwich made you forget a whole month, Charlie."

Resigned to his fate, Charlie sighed, unaware that 25 miles away the exact same situation was happening in reverse to one Samantha Kirkwell.

* * * * *

Samantha stroked her distended belly thoughtfully. Her husband George had a point. What if whatever had caused her to forget the last month had done something to the baby? What if something in the last month had happened to her that she couldn't remember, something important that might have effected the baby? There were too many questions and a tiny, new life at stake. Together they phoned the ambulance.

Within a few minutes she was sat in the back of the ambulance, being asked a series of questions by a paramedic.

"Have you had any bumps or falls?"

"No, not that I can remember."

"Any history of brain or mental disorders in your family."


"Have you taken any drugs, engaged in alcohol abuse or had any serious diseases recently?"

"Of course not, I'm pregnant! And no, no diseases, not that I know of."

The paramedic nodded and then gripped the bridge of his nose between his finger and thumb. It looked like he had a headache for a moment but then he whipped his head back up and smiled.

"Okay, that's great. Now the doctors are probably going to ask you the same questions, standard procedure, and we should be at the hospital in a moment. I just need to ask you one last question."

Samantha laughed. "Okay."

The paramedic leaned in close. "Where is it? Where did you hide it?"

"What?" Samantha said, shocked, backing away. "What are you talking about?"

"We know you started it and we're already on our way to the others. Make this easy on yourself and tell us now, where is it and how do we stop it?"

"Stop it! You're frightening me!" She whispered, pulling back from him.

The next few moments went past quickly. The paramedic blinked and looked confused. The ambulance came to a halt and the doors opened. Two nurses helped Samantha from the back of the ambulance and into the hospital. As she looked back, she saw the paramedic stumble from the back of the ambulance, his nose bleeding.

The End

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