The Last Fry


She didn’t care about the number of calories she was putting on or the increasing risk of cancer. The seething pain of her stomach subsided as the salt dissolved, the potato sticking between her teeth as she chewed and the oil it was bathed in moistening her gums… It was heavenly. And that was all that mattered.

As Julia stuffed herself with the leftover fries of a total stranger, devouring them, a pang of worry hit her. She had just come to terms with the fact that she had committed a crime. She stole someone’s fries – kidnapped them. As she nibbled on one of the stolen items, she began to wonder; why hadn’t he come after her?

The answer was right in front of her. As a matter of fact it was in her: Because they were fries. A packet of fries that were probably bought from a street vendor somewhere for $1.99. She relieved herself of the worry of a criminal record being put to her name – only an impossibly stingy person would report such a petty theft.

Julia ate another handful of fries, carefree, savoring each moment. She had a vice for unhealthy food and could never help but to give in; chocolate, burgers, ice cream… but French fries were still at the top of her list. There was something comforting about the way it was overloaded with ingredients detrimental to a person’s health.

She wondered if her sandwich would have been just as scrumptious, had there been pickles. She decided that it wouldn’t have. And then it hit her – where had the sandwich gone? The utterly unappetizing and unspeakably loathsome sandwich; where had it gone? She backtracked her steps and found herself in the park, snatching the fries… There was only one explanation – she dropped it. This didn’t bother her quite so much; it was a failure of a sandwich and Tupperware that cost her only about $3.00.

Instead, Julia was much more troubled and saddened by the remaining fry that lay limp at the bottom of the container. She stared at it, crestfallen. Until her mourning was interrupted by a deep little chuckle coming from behind. 

The End

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