Julia Grabs Lunch

What was this guy’s problem?  Jeesuz.  She wasn’t asking for a handout.  And right there, in front of Julia, he shoveled another handful of fries into his mouth.  Didn’t even look at her.

At that moment Julia’s forehead flared so hot she could have grilled ham and cheese on top of it.  Already he’d turned and was walking away from her.  Chewing with his mouth open, no doubt. 

Chewing…food.  Her stomach snarled and grumbled for it.  Not for the dry-cardboard-excuse-for-nutrition inside her Tupperware.  The emptiness of her insides cried for fries.  Where could she find fries?  The warmth of their soft centers, the bite of salt on her tongue; just the thought of a big, steaming plate of them calmed her.  It cleared her mind, so she could think about where to get some.  Her eyes narrowed suddenly.  She had an idea. 

It was not in Julia’s nature to keep naughtiness tucked away for someday.  She wanted her fries now.

Julia leapt in front of a stroller on the path and she weaved between three joggers.  A man almost knocked her knee with his cane.  A big space opened ahead of her and Julia sped up, slapping her shoes hard against the dirt.  The sound was almost rhythmic.  Then, at the right moment, she reached out and grabbed the Styrofoam.

“Hey!” Jack yelled.  He was too startled to do anything but stand and watch Julia speed farther and farther away down the path.

“wow,” he breathed.  That was that girl!  She took his French fries right out of his hand.  “What a gal!” he said out loud.  He felt his face flush.  He never said words like gal.  What was wrong with him?

Jack lowered his head so no one could see his face.  On the ground, near his foot, was a pale blue plastic container.  He picked it up and peered through the semi-transparency of the Tupperware.  It looked like a sandwich was inside.  And on the lid of that Tupperware a strip of masking tape was stuck across it that read: Julia Devonshire.

Jack smiled.  That was the girl.  He was sure of it.


The End

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